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Osteopenia osteoarthritis, knee cartilage damage

Knee pain in both knees now , grinding clicking rubbing! Seeking advice! Went to a&e and seen doctor who said cartilage in right knee is worn which is causing pain, which is at the point I can’t walk! Said to see my Gp! Who I had just saw that day and told me it was just with my osteoarthritis put my ant-inflammatorys up ‘ but that did NOT help,, this was 4 days ago, Hospital said to contact Gp again ‘ who I see regularly and I am under pain management treatment but not helping, I am a mum of 39 years young of 3 kids 2yr old 6 and 11,, I feel like I am under minding my own GP but the pain is absolutely unbearable! Any advice PLEASE

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Hi, I fully understand your pain. I had my 6 monthly check up with the hospital consultant this week, had a load of X rays on both knees and was informed my osteoporosis has worsened in the last 6 months putting both my knees in stage 4 of deterioration and needing a full knee replacement on both. I'm only 49 so they don't want to do the operation yet as there's a life span of 15 years max on the artificial joint, so I just have to manage the pain until such time. X

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Hi, I am going through the same - I’m 36 and feel like I’m 90!! Mine is allegedly sport related then made worse due to extra weight in pregnancy and kneeling in the floor with the kids all the time. I have a constant dull ache in my knees and they are so crunchy and clicky! Will be following this post to see what responses you get. My doctor hasn’t prescribed anything, she just told me to do exercise to strengthen my knees. Not sure where to turn. I really feel for you x


hey, i am a biomedical student and I have a few suggestions for you. there is no cure for arthritis however long hot baths and heat pads after a long day will help reduce the pain, apply oils once every few days will also help with the pain. if you do some simple exorcizes which will help build the muscle in your legs this will take the amount of pressure of the joint, so there will be less painful. the shoes you wear can affect the impact of pain on your knees, wear soft cushioned ones which will also relieve pressure off of your knees.


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