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Opiate withdrawal update.

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Well everyone, I'm still not taking any opiates. Last 2 days have been hell, with shear pain in neck and back constantly. I'm not trying to put anyone off doing this withdrawal, Rome wasn't built in a day. Doc, is looking to order neck and spine x-rays. Doc says I'm doing great, doesn't feel like that to me at the moment. Persevere, I will. I'll not be beat. Would love to hear from anyone else doing this.

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All the best. I tried stopping my patches suddenly. It was bearable for a couple of weeks then I couldnt sit, stand or do anything. It took a good six hours before the patch kick back in. I note since rhen they have decided they can be cut up for people trying to get off. An article in the daily mail reveals that that even if you are on hell of a dose you can get off them. This woman bought a product originally used on horses and now humans. Best of luck and ask for gp help.

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Thank you Mark for your reply. I'm doing my upmost to stop myself from asking go for them back. I will not be beat. Thank you for the encouragement.

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I sincerely hope you do it. It may take time but I really hope you get there. would like to be in the same position.

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I have a terminal kidney and liver disease and in total 27 medical conditions spread head to foot.

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