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Cannibis for pain

Views on cannibis for pain control

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Hi annietap40 - as this is an area still debated by Government, Medical Professionals and Policy Makers, we are unable to comment on substances that at present are unregulated, illegal, or not prescribed for arthritis, by a medical professional in the UK. We advise everyone to make sure they are following their prescriptions and sourcing medication from legitimate Pharmacies, and to keep in mind: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Wishing you all the best,



I'd say definitely yes! I know of many people who use it and it's very effective for pain relief, with hardly any side effects, compared to pharmaceuticals!!

It's just totally ridiculous that it's illegal and supposedly 'unproven' as a medicine, when Cannabis was widely used to treat all kind of illnesses up to around the 1930s!



Actually it's use goes back even further than I realised!!...


Shame on the pharmaceutical industries, Government etc., for pretending that cannabis is unproven as a medicine and keeping it illegal when it could benefit so many people!!


I totally agree Dotttie..........it all comes down to money making and the big pharmacies. They would lose far too much financially on their own products. And people will find a way of getting cannabis for pain as there is nothing that even touches my pain that I suffer - osteo arthritis and osteo porosis. I am in my late 70's and fear my future years of having to suffer even more pain. Maybe the Govt will discuss in Parliament and maybe sanction the use of medical cannabis but am not holding my breath.


Just wondering Annie, have you tried Magnesium oil for your pain??





Hi I joined health unlocked 2 years ago but haven't really used it. I just want to thank you for your link to information on magnesium therapy :-) on this topic of cannabis use for pain relief I really do believe it could be a help to some but not me! Should I own up! πŸ€”πŸ™Š it would make me psychotic! Perhaps CBD oil without the ilucinary? effects from an approved and trusted, tried n tester supplier would be of benefit. We have a market stall,the man who runs it has severe epilepsy. He told me his grandmals are extremely rare now he uses it. All said, he must be ok to be working full time selling a product that has had remarkable results for him. Anyway enough waffle! Gratefully, Jane x

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What the govt probably wants is to get some tax in place before legalising. I do wonder how much the legal use of alcohol costs the NHS against the illegal use of cannabis?


Hi Annie,

I recently visited a London pharmacy where five different strengths of CBD oil are sold (2.5% to 40%) over the counter.

Different people use CBD oil for different purposes. CBD oil doesn't give you that 'high' feeling that people allegedly get from smoking marijuana. This (legally purchased) CBD oil isn't marketed as 'medicinal', but rather as a food supplement.


I attended a presentation at the Royal College of General Practitioners today. Many things - supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, were listed as helpful for autoimmune illness and a reduction of inflammation and pain... and CBD oil was included in that list of beneficial things.

There were dietary recommendations too, which included eliminating all wheat and all gluten. The elimination of wheat and gluten should already be common knowledge to those with autoimmune conditions, as should the elimination of sugars and veg oils (e.g. sunflower oil and rapeseed oil) as this is known to help reduce inflammation and pain.

I recently attended the annual PHCUK conference which was also held at the Royal College of General Practitioners and was attended by an array of clinicians, inc. heart surgeons.


You should find the 2017 documentary 'The Magic Pill' helpful. (It's on Netflix and other sites). Prof. Tim Noakes (who is featured in this doc) spoke at the recent PHCUK conference.

Ps. It is also important that you maintain optimal Vitamin D levels all year round, not just in the summer. The optimal range recommended by 48 scientists listed in their PDF statement is 100-150 NMOL which is equal to 40-60 NG (some labs use the NMOL measurement and some NG). However, the Cardiologist Dr William Davis recommends 125-175 NMOL which equates to 50-70 NG. I'd recommend being, all year long, well within the range of 100-175 NMOL and 40-70 NG. If would be good to also take Vit K2 (if you're on warfarin discuss it with your doctor).

And maintain Vitamin B12 above 500 in your Vit B12 lab test.

I suggest that you watch the short video clips of Cardiologist Dr William Davis:-


Here's an article of his regarding wheat, gluten and the HbA1C blood test which you may find helpful:-


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Ps. It's best to take the oil (not capsules) and hold it in your mouth, on/under the tongue, for at least 2-3 mins. πŸ––πŸ»


Tks very much for info. I have tried oil but does nothing to relieve back pain. Available to buy in most health shops in UK


Also when i get time i will

Be reading up on magic pill you kindly sent me


The Magic Pill is a documentary film.

With regard CBD Oil, it depends on which brand (i.e. quality) and which strength you use. It also depends on whether you use it correctly i.e. away from food, holding it on/under your tongue for a min. of 2-3 mins. And whether you take enough of it. For example, last week I spoke to someone who had used one fairly weak brand and didnt find it too helpful. He bought his next bottle from a different company and has found it very effective.

As I previously explained, the CBD oil that a reputable Pharmacy in London stocks, comes in FIVE different strengths, starting from 2.5% and going up to 40% - which you won't find in Holland & Barrett and most other health shops.


Is the stockist boots?


Boots? Boots doesn't sell CBD oil.

No, it was an independent Pharmacy in central London. Whereabouts are you?


Ask your doctor to test your Vit D and Vit B12, and then get the lab results with the reference ranges on a printout from your doctor. I suspect you're probably low in both Vit D and Vit B12. But, for certainty, get them tested.

Do you take magnesium daily?


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