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Random unknown pain

Hi there

I turned 40 last December and in February woke up with a painful wrist. It was swollen, red and very painful to touch. After about 5 days my wrist returned to normal and a day later my other wrist did exactly the same thing! Seemed strange so I went to the doctors and I had blood tests for inflammatory markers, lupus, uric acid and all came back fine.

Since then I've had various joints swelling and being extremely painful. Wrists, fingers, elbows, shoulders. I've never felt pain like it and it's very debilitating. The 'attacks' feel random and without any noticeable triggers. Gout is the obvious culprit but I've now been for several blood tests and uric acid levels seem fine. My big toe has this far been unaffected. That said I have stopped drinking and started to be careful about what I eat.

This week has been particularly bad with both hands flaring up, I haven't been able to move my neck and I've just woken up with intense pain down the side of my knee (a first time in my knee)

Other thoughts are some sort of infection...

Otherwise I'm fit and healthy, I was going to the gym 3 times a week and running 10k's.

I'll obviously going back to the doctors but I'd be interested to hear if what I'm writing resonates with others.


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The trouble with these pains if they are caused by Arthritis which in my case is affecting the nerves the pain is in one place but the pain is in another part of the body. Like in my case the pain in my shoulders, arms and hands is caused by the Osteoarthritis in my neck.

I also have gout which is extremely painful which in the past as been in my hands as well as my feet, but I haven't had in years mainly because I take one tablet a day and I stopped drinking 20+ years ago. Also look for things you do in your day to see if there is any relationship when you get the pain remember it does not have to be something that heavy and stressful to your body. Like me if I was to paint a door frame I would not be able to pick up a pen for two days.


Thanks Jeff. Apologies for the delay, been on holiday. Funnily enough the pains have been a lot worse whilst been away which I've put down to carrying luggage and playing with a 2 year old. My wrists have been particularly bad. Thanks for your help!


Hi JimTheBob thank you for sharing and so sorry to hear of your painful experience. We hope you get to the bottom of this and hope for some respite.

Keep us posted!

Arthritis Action's Communications Team


You should get CRP blood test and get into the habit of getting the printout of your lab results (with the ref. ranges). Too often, doctors and receptionists say the results were "normal" - when they actually were not normal or were not optimal.

Eliminate all grains, refined sugars, added sugars, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil - which 99% of cafes and restaurants use. Eat real food and good healthy fats.

Ensure that your Vit D3 and Vit B12 are both well into the optimal range.

Watch the documentary 'The Magic Pill' released in 2017. Hopefully, it'll inspire you.

You can see other info that I posted on this person's post.


Also get your thyroid properly tested. Most doctors don't bother testing FT3 and FT4 when they test thyroid. Failure to inc. FT3 and FT4 frequently leads to non-diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

Here's another document to watch. It's going to be streamed free online in a few days. You can easily find the link online to subscribe for a free viewing.

There are a myriad of clinicians interviewed in both films. Hopefully, these films will inspire you.



Thanks Londinium! I'll watch those docs. All my test results are online so I'll look into those more closely.

Cheers for the advice.

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Ps. Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) often cause/exacerbate pain, inflammation and a host of other side-effects.



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