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Any ideas?

Hello everyone, I've been diagnosed with sero negative rheumatoid arthritis 18months ago . It's especially bad in wrists, fingers knees and ankles .

It's been a rollercoaster since trying to find the right treatment.

I'm currently on leflunomide 20mg ( just started ) and methotrexate 20mg ( will reduce when they know the leflunomide is doing the business, prednisone and pain relief. .

My question is this, ( hopefully my photo will appear ) this is getting worse now with no let up at all and I'm in increasing discomfort and pain on weight bearing . Night times aren't a bundle of giggles either .

So do I go to my GP or wait until my next rheumy apt in May ?

I've been to my go once and saw a locum dr who said it was a flare as other joints were hurting too , but now they've settled down quite nicely but this ankle hasn't .

I know it doesn't look swollen in the photo but the one on my phone is better .

I've rested today and the swelling not as bad , but when I try and walk there is a cracking n grating / popping sound too.

Any ideas anyone ? I'm adding work tomorrow .

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It does look bad Balletmum71. Could you ring the rheumy nurse help line and try and get an earlier appointment? Question, why will you stop Methotrexate when Leflunomide kicks in? How will you know which drug is helping most? My priority would be to reduce the steroids and keep MTX and Leflunomide going. Just wondered. xxx


Apparently the leflunomide and methotrexate are very similar and can cause havoc with the liver so its medical protocol apparently ( I'm in the UK ) to reduce the methotrexate down to 10 or 15 mg .

I'm going t contact the rheumy nurse on Monday as I have photos showing the foot / ankle and see what they say , walking is becoming unbearable and now even resting hurts .

Thank you for your reply .



Hello, an update, it's peroneal tendonitis and I've had a steroid shot and been out in an air cast boot for two weeks then reassessed in 6 .

I now also have a suspected scaphoid fracture - nit convinced it is one , but I've done something to it that's for sure .

Thanks fir taking the time to reply .

I hope you are well.


If you haven't already I would cut out all dairy (incl processed foods containing things like whey) right now - and that includes biscuits, cakes and non 70% choc.


I'm intrigued as to why I should . What will that do ?

I have unstable ankles and known hypermobility which hasn't helped through the years and now I have rheumatoid arthritis .

I'm very sceptical about cutting this that and the other out unless you have a proper allergy or a properly diagnosed intolerance .

I had a friend who cut dairy and wheat out of her diet and and quite frankly it did nothing for her and I got fed up with her nagging at me to do the same.

So thank you for your advice , but I'm very unsure as to why this would help .


Of all the dietary changes that I have seen removing diary is at the top of the list for helping to reduce symptoms. If you want to check this out google dairy and arthritis and make your own decisions. I am not saying that suddenly your pain or inflammation is going to go away, but hopefully it will help.


Thank you . I'll have a look .


Hello, a quick update, it's peroneal tendinitis . I've had a steroid shot and now in a walking air cast boot.

Best wishes to you .


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