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Good morning guys

I’m Kaz and I’m new here. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask , Has anybody who suffers spondylitis /spondylosis or any other form of cervical and spinal disc degeneration got any tips on how they manage their pain? Sometimes my medication doesn’t always do it!

I am trying to lose weight too as clearly it helps! But I cant do most exercises due to it putting pressure /causing further damage to my spine and neck? So, I’ve just started going to Aqua-fit... as the water holds my weight and I don’t physically feel too bad afterwards! I’ve also gone back to basics calorie counting so I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on! X

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I'm just coming up to 72 years and sounds as if I have similar problems to yourself, in fact for around 30 years now. Recently changed meds after around 20 years on cocodamol and others, so now adjusting to that. I've had all sorts of procedures/treatments over the years, some of which have given short term relief.

I've found that worst thing to do is sit, lie or stand for long periods, Gentle exercise and movement best. There is a balance between doing too much and doing too little, and this is often difficult to find. Being positive is a must, since the pain never goes away completely. But it's possible to put it in the background, not feel sorry for yourself, adjust to it, and still enjoy what you are still able to do.

Does this make sense to you?


Hi Kazzy :-)

Have you tried basic mat Pilates? It really helps to align the spine, and soothe the mind. Also there are some excellent videos online by a couple of well known physios on how to stretch and strengthen your deep neck muscles, which a good Pilates instructor would also teach you. Many Pilates exercises are done lying on your back, and you would be taught how to engage your deep core muscles which will protect your lumbar spine (your lower back). Failing that, I find ibuprofen gel and a TENS machine really helps.

Best wishes, Jo x

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