Is it Sciatica

My GP has said that the awful pain I’m getting especially in bed is due to sciatica. Thankfully I don’t have a problem walking with. When I’m in bed the slightest movement will start it off, it goes from under my buttock down to behind my knee, it feels like the muscle in the thigh is being twisted and pulled. Getting out of bed and trying to walk is excruciating. I’ve tried laying flat with a pillow under my knees, sadly that doesn’t work. Has anyone suffered with something like this and any ideas how to help the pain or cure it???Thanks everyone and a Happy & Healthy 2018z

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  • Have you tried putting a heat pad under your buttock and down your leg?

  • No I haven’t...I’ll try that thank you. Happy New Year to you

  • My ex husband suffered for years with this, tried many things, and resigned to pain killers for ever....a neighbour was trained in reflexology and offered to help.

    He massaged his foot and calf for about 20 mins max very lightly. I thought it would do nothing to be honest..... but totally amazed it was fixed and he could move, walk and sit etc with no pain immediately.

    He then came round for another session in about 3 days and did 10mins or so. Think this was "a just in case it returned" session.

    Since then my ex has had no pain!

    There is simply no explanation I have and would never have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

    Trapped nerve released or what??? Via the foot?

  • Thank you Rubin’s, I’ll look into that thank you so much. My daughter is getting married in May and would like to be at least in less pain and not having shopping bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. Thank you again

  • Welcome. Hope it works for you. I don't suffer from it so it's second hand info. But clearly saw the difference it made for my now ex. Am trying "cupping" on Monday for my own RA pain. Will add a post either way for others. Heard many good things from people I have met who had it done!

    No side affects from both reflexology or cupping so worth a try.

    Keep safe and healthy



  • Thank you rubina786. I’ll be very interested. Good luck I hope it helps you. Xx

  • Yes I had this for a while 10 years ago, I found laying on the floor on my side and in the foetal position helped, also when you do get back on your feet ( I know this sounds a bit weird) but when you get out of your car try to keep your knees together as much as possible (my doctor recommended)

    Ibruprofen helped and luckily I have only had a few instances since


  • Thank you Paule64. I will try that with the car. Unfortunately I can’t get down on the floor due to arthritis in knees and hips. I’ll try lying in the feotal position on our spare bed which is like lying on concrete.

    Thanks again.

  • Sorry to hear this Maggie153 - we wish you all the best of luck and fingers crossed this eases soon.

    Happy 2018!


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

  • Thank you

  • I am suffering Sciatica on my right side. Last February I had decompression surgery on the left side to shave a bone which was touching the nerve. It was magic. I went into hospital in a wheelchair and the next day came out walking. I was fine until October when my right side started.

    I am currently in Spain for the winter. I went to a Chiropractor who massaged my buttock and bruised me badly, it didn't help. I am now seeing an Osteopath, seen him once and it really hasn't helped. Still in pain when I lie in bed on that side. Very painful when I get out of bed. Sometimes I cannot walk due to the pain. Unable to put my foot on the ground. I have strong Codeine but I already take other medication for Osteoarthritis etc. so a bit worried to take them.

    Worried I could end up in a wheelchair again.


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