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Hi everyone

Hi its the first time I'm posting on this site hoping people here will understand..I had arthritis when I was in college so had to pull out from my second year.was admitted to wrightington hospital and given steroid injections there and was told my arthritis should go away as I grow older- I'm now 36.

It did go away but as years went by I had flare ups..I have psoriatic arthritis and my small joints are really the moment some of my fingers are swollen and sure-footed anybody else have psoriatic arthritis and have this same problem? Do you take painkillers?

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Hi, I can't give you the information you need, but what i advise is you join the NRAS forum, aswell. It's a UK site (look it up on 'My Communities' at the top of your page).

There a lots of very helpful & informative & lovely people on NRAS, who will most likely give you the information you require. Also, we can be very serious, and also have a laugh as well.

Hope this may help you.


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