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Low grade arthritis


After a visit to my GP due to suffering from aches/pains and stiffness in both my legs, I have been told that I possibly have a low grade of arthritis. I am now awaiting further blood tests. I wondered if anyone could explain to me what is meant by 'low grade' I have been told to take ibuprofin when I feel that I need to. I am noticing stiffness from my hips down into both my legs, stiff legs and ankles and when I stand up from sitting for a while, I walk like a 90 year old for a few minutes until I get going (I'm 49) I am quite an active person, I have a physical full time job and do lots of walking and am not overweight. I went to the doctors expecting a diagnosis of Sciatica haha :-)

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OK, I don't think "low grade arthritis" is a particularly helpful phrase for your GP to have used. It's difficult to know if the thinking is that it's a presentation of one of the less typical inflammatory arthritis conditions but the blood tests might give a clue as to whether it's definitely not rheumatoid arthritis or similar.

It sounds like you're having quite a degree of functional limitation until you 'get going' so I don't know if your GP is wondering about a muscle/ligament problem rather than osteoarthritis.

No help to you but I'm more inclined to think that your GP was a little unhelpful for not using a more useful descriptive phrase to you. :)

I hope that NSAIDs reduce the stiffness for you while waiting for a diagnosis and that there's a clear treatment path.

Best wishes!

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