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Knuckle hand pain osteoarthritis

Hi could anyone give me more input if possible, I am about to have a knuckle manipulation on Monday under G.A and steroid injection, yet I've been told I need a knuckle replacement, the consultant said he will do this first to give more time see if works, if not then refer to hand specialist, yet this is what I thought I was seeing, different feedback different Drs, it's all confusing, if anyone as had this I would appreciate feedback.

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Hello Bettyboowoo - we hope this procedure went well. We cannot comment on particular treatments, but if you are looking for any information on things you can do to improve your health and manage your symptoms better, we have a lot of general information on our website's Resources:

Thank you for posting and we hope the clinical treatment is providing you with relief.

Best wishes,


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer


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