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Hi to all I am new on here and have osteoarthritis and cervical nerve problems

I need information to do with ill health retirement. I am not sure if anyone here has gone through the process and can help me.

I am going through the process currently and have been asked by pension scheme provider to go for a medical assessment. Does anyone know what's this all about?

Thank you in advance

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I have just been medically retired due to arthritis in lower back,cervical spondylosis(shoulders and neck) and copd .I was a postman but walking is difficult,especially with copd too.All my medical assessments were done over the phone between my g.p,myself and occupational health.I took the ill health retirement on medical advice,not really my choice.Your work place should be in touch with the relevant people and then it's just a waiting game I'm afraid.Good luck anyway and let us know how things go.


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