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17 years old suffering from TMJ

I think im suffering from TMJ for almost 1 year without treatment

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Hi im 17 years old and im new here, im going crazy because my jaw is locked and i cant force to open wide my mouth because i think its permanently locked, i think im suffering from tmj, i read about it in google, i am not yet going for a checkup because my family doesnt have money. But the symptoms of TMJ is exactly what i feel right now. Like my nape of neck always in pain and my shoulder, i experiencing headaches sometimes, weird sound when opening my mouth wide, tooth sensitivity to cold, its painless i only experiencing pain when im trying to force my mouth open wide. ahm i can eat well but only soft food i cant eat thick and hard to bite foods because i dont want my jaw to get worst. It started happening when i woke up in the morning and i noticed my jaw is not in the proper place. In first i think its dislocation but when i do some reasearch i discover it was TMJ because of the exact symptoms i was feeling right now. In the past few days i can forcely open my mouth but i hear some clicking, popping or grating sound. It sounds weird. But now i can open my mouth but not wider and i feel the bottom jaw is permanently locked? And i dont hear sound anymore like clicking or what. But its painless i only experiencing pain when i force to open wide my mouth. I am not trying to open wider my mouth anymore because what if it might getting worst when i force it. I dont know whats the cause of this especially having this I dont know what to do its driving me crazy im only 17 years old to have this kind of health problemS. I wrote on this site for someone to help me. I just wrote on this community because i dont know where to. i just need some opinion for now but when i have enough money i can go for a check up. Thankyou so much hope you all could help me. Godbless.


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Hi Brianna. May I suggest you give EFT a try? It might help; it might not, but no harm in giving it a shot. May I suggest that you Google 'EFT/Tapping with Nick Ortner' ? More often than not, it helps but if it's not immediate do persevere, seeing as you have had this for a year. Best of luck.

Love, light and laughter, Reg.


Hello Brianna1 and sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain. I would recommend speaking to a GP, as you can not diagnose what is wrong without a medical professional having a look at it. If you got to your GP surgery, you shouldn't need to pay, if you are registered on the NHS. If this is something you are not sure about, I would recommend you call NHS Direct and speak to someone on the phone. Google cannot substitute a doctor having a look at you in real life.

We wish you all the best of luck and let us know how you get on,

Arthritis Action's Communications Team


Hello again Brianna. I assumed from your comment about the expense of a doctor that you are not in the UK. Presumably Admin are aware of your location as they advise you to use the NHS. Obviously if you are in the UK then of course you should see a doctor asap.

Love, light and laughter,

Reg :-)

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I'm assuming you are in the USA? Does seem sad that someone so young suffering a health problem can't afford to go to the dentist or doctors.😥

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