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Feeling down


Hi everyone

Had a really bad night with pain last night, got up with the birds, staggered around for a couple hours trying to clear up etc, nearly fell over then just gave up and cried my eyes out. I am now back in bed where I am the most comfortable

Because I suffer with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia plus anxiety/depression, it sometimes difficult to distinguish one from the other. At the moment, my main concern is the pain I have in my left hip, left leg and lower back. I am due to see the surgeons in August re hip replacement...... I hope. Even though I am on max gabapentin, but ran patches plus paracetamol/ codeine 500/30..... the pain is still relentless. The more I do, the worse it is, even sitting is painful so the only place I am comfortable is in bed, with my v pillow and several other pillows strategically placed!

Is this what my life has come to?

Sorry, I'm just feeling very down and tearful today, needed to vent.

There is one good thing.......... Wimbledon!!

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Oh dear sorry to hear that hope you get a few hours sleep before tennis xxx

IHi Judipat

Things will get better honest. I know how low you el as I spent 6 months in bed for the same reason, and I like you felt that is if this is all my life has to offer then what is the point. it always seemed worse o me during the very long and lonely nights. i ended up recording lots of programs to watch at night when I couldn't sleep. Please bear with it, why don't you plan for the bad times, by this i mean, have our favourite book or magazine to hand, maybe some DVD's to watch, I used to lie in better listening to audiobooks eventually i would nod off.

i guess all I am trying to say is we understand and keep your chin up, I'm sure things will improve for you.

I am sorry you feel down' I am in the same boat. Yes it does seem awful that this is what life has become but I try to believe that it must get better I will hopefully go on replacement list this next week. I have set great score on it and hope to be able to walk again. I understand it will take time. so chin up and smile. Do you get out? They say I should go swimming but the effort is daunting and no-one to go with.

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