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Arthritis pain is hell


It seems it's one thing after another with my arthritis. Been having pain in both of my hands just below the middle fingers in the palms of both hands. The bone you feel right there just below the middle finger has been very tender in both hands. As the days get later I feel it more and by the end of my work day I hurt like hell. What the hell is next? Damn this pain . About the only spot that I don't hut is my neck, everything else constantly aches. Trying to stay off my feet tonight to rest them with out any type of shoes including my slippers. Spring temps are here so hopefully that will help some but no promises on that I know.

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It is important to keep those joints moving and as an added benefit any exercise you can do will help to reduce pain. Also any whole bags of green salad you can get down you will also help a lot.

JDQuinn75 in reply to andyswarbs

Thanks Andswarbs for replying, York actually the first to tell me about salad with that helping. I've been told that my arthritis is oa and not ra. I've not yet figured out out what foods aggravate mine the most. I go to my GP next week for my yearly physical to check my BP cholesterol ect. I'm going to let him know that mine is getting agressive now. I'm having new symptoms occur with my OA. The hands are where it started in 2013 the eventually moved to my feet, knees, shoulders and elbows as well and now in my spine too. The newest in my spine is the mid part of my spine. I'm finding that it's very uncomfortable there during the day. I need to find out what exercises to work on to help my OA. Fatigue hits me some day and when it does it hits me hard. I'm just drained when I do have fatigue. Plue my whole entire body feels tired. A couple of weeks ago it hit me and I had to lay down because of it. . I'm also finding when my back is bad I'm the most comfortable if I'm sitting or laying down on my couch. That tells me not to try using a cane to help me. If sitting is the only thing to help the back and I want to go out or need to what should I use on a bad day? Once again thanks for replying. J. D. Quinn

andyswarbs in reply to JDQuinn75

JD, I would at least do some shoulder rolls if possible. Any exercise you can do that does not aggravate joints is a must. Sadly with OA that might seem like a contradiction.

I have Psoriatic (40 years), Osteo and Rheumatoid (2 years) and, from being wheelchair bound, using a whole-food plant based diet have almost come off all meds and leading a near normal life after 10 months. If interested in finding out more I use, google clint paddison - he has a TED talk on youtube. His main focus is rheumatoid, which is clearly diet related.

The program is not just about diet. It is also about exercise. I go to Bikram Yoga which is hard cardiovascular poses (so little joint movement) for 90 mins each weekday in a hot room. This is not normal yoga, you are strongly encouraged by teachers to only do what you can without pain. When I first went I could not balance at all. Now, after four months, I can. When I first went I needed two people to help me get to the floor and two people to lift me up again to get me vertical. As of last week I can do that myself totally unaided, no help from other people, no wall to get support from.

To really succeed both the diet and yoga need total focus. But then arthritis takes total focus anyway. I know that because it used to take me 20 excruciating minutes to go from bed to toilet and another 20 minutes to get back into bed. Now that same journey is less than 30 seconds each way.

Hi andyswarbs,

Your post is very encouraging to those of us, who try to get better by exercising. I checked out Clint Paddison and although I find his diet too drastic for my mild OA, there are ideas to take away. The importance of enzymes is something I had not considered. So from now on I will try to eat slower and chew properly to give the enzyme in the saliva a chance and eat some raw food with every meal. I will also cut down on foods with long shelf life.

He also explained why painkillers that destroy the stomach lining are a very bad idea.

Thank you for sharing this information.

I've been told to drink hot water with, slices of lemon, ginger and cinnamon

olly17man in reply to JDQuinn75

Hi JD. I'm so glad you mentioned the fatigue - I'm lucky I suppose that I have retired (I'm 78 this month) and I have o/a in one hip, both knees, lower back and neck and recently I feel SO tired I keep thinking there must be something else wrong with me. It comes over me in waves, particularly when I have been out for a short walk. That's something I try to do every day but after the walk I'm finished. I don't have any help at home and it takes me all week to do the jobs I used to do in a day!! Old age, and o/a - lifesabitch!!! PS I find fresh or tinned pineapple helps with the inflammation and I do try to eat veggies and lots of fish or chicken. Good luck!

JDQuinn75 in reply to olly17man

I'm only 41 but will be 42 in September. But now having pain in my upper and lower spine along with my knees, elbows and hands. It gets very tiring some days for me that I just don't have the energy to do anything that I want to. Today is one of those days. I haven't gotten off my couch all day other than to go to the restroom. I've been in my pjs and bathrobe and slippers all day too. Days like this I just wish I had something to help me get around. The harder it push myself the more it hurts . Doctors haven't done alot for me at all. I don't want to push myself to much because the fatigue then comes into play every time. I've thought of a couple of options that might help one I'm positive that it will when I need to use it to get the weight off the joints.

olly17man in reply to JDQuinn75

Hi JD. I really feel for you. I'm 78 later this month and at least have had almost 70 years before all this started with me. I had a laminectomy on my back when I was 48 (back in the good old days when you didn't wait for ever for an appointment!) and after that I was pain free for a good number of years. Today I had a Doppler test to see if the arteries in my legs are blocked (constant pain) but the consultant thinks the pain is due to a trapped nerve in my back. I've got to wait now for an MRI scan and then possibly I may be able to have injections to ease the pain. I'm waiting for a hip replacement so that will probably help. I understand about the fatigue though. All over the weekend I felt awful but today, maybe because of the weather, I'm feeling a lot better. I hope you improve a lot when we get some lovely warm weather - I really am sorry to hear that this horrible arthritis has started when you are so young. Don't give up - they are supposed to be making great strides in finding a cure! Good luck.

JDQuinn75 in reply to olly17man

Ya never thought I'd be dealing with this before I was 40. It started when I was 37 now going on 42 this coming September. 2013 was when it started on me. Siaticia nerve pain is awful I know been having that for over a year now. My doctor knows about it but really hasn't done anything about it as far as ordering and mri or x-rays to see where there nerve is pinched. That I'm feeling from my lower back through my buttocks and down my leg into my foot. The pain can be unbearable at times. Some days it almost takes me to my knees.

I too have OA. First it was just in my knees. So I had a total of 7 knee clean outs and in the end had one knee replaced. Then my left foot thought it would of join in. Followed by my elbow and this last month my thumbs were feeling left out . So they thought they would start to hurt. Some days I feel so tired but additional sleep doesnt seem to help. So I just carry on. I look after 4 grandchildren during the week ., which i think keeps me going . I can't help thinking there must be some pill out there that will help us. I see my doctor on a regular basis . He at the moment is giving me cortisone injections to help my elbows , but will not give any medication as the side effect of strokes and stomach problems are a concern to him . So I battle on ...

You are lucky having a doctor who takes side effects of medication seriously.

Hi : JDQuinn75. I recently had an operation for my right elbow and wrist that was about three months ago, yesterday I had to report for a follow up as to my left arm, due to the pain I had been suffering I said no way do I want another operation, so the clinician said never say never say never, because the operations you have had could take up to eighteen months to show improvement, so she will asses it in a few months time, now I have to see a hand therapist on Tuesday next week. So it is a never say never time wait and see but all the time this is creating more pain on top of the spine : hips : knees ankles and feet, it is so much pain to deal with it drives one round the bend. Exhaustion and unable to think straight. Hermes123.


JD, I have a soft ball that I hold in my hand and squeeze as hard as I can, (20 seconds) then release. I do this about 10 times a day and the hand does feel more mobile by working those joints.

JDQuinn75 in reply to Hidden

Sookiedee, I'm constantly flexing mine do to the way that they hurt. I don't use a ball tho.

So sorry that you are in such awful pain. I am having a bad time just now and am finding it harder to do things. Let's hope when we have better weather it will help us all.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this post today. I don't want to sound like a complainer or something else you might be thinking, but the simple fact is having to go through this at such an early age (41) and all of what I'm going through so far with this . I'm just so so tired of feeling this all day every day. Hot showers have stopped helping me like they use to. No otc drugs ease it either. I'm just an uncomfortable fella anymore. Sometimes my pain in unbearable for me. Everyone have an awesome weekend. J. D. Quinn

donnaheads in reply to JDQuinn75

You are not a complainer just trying to find out and get advice. I have osteoarthritis in both my knees. I have been told by a consultant l need a knee replacement. Then in the next breath he said l am to young. He is refusing to do a M R I scan. After a fall in town l had to go to A and E. The man on duty did a x ray also told me my left knee is destroyed and l need a knee replacement! Can someone please explain to me why they are so against doing it. l am in constant pain. My doctor has prescribed different painkillers but not happy with side effects. l have done aqua aerobics which helps . But today just going to the bathroom is all l can manage. Work is a constant struggle. Don't know what to do to get through. Sorry to be negative but don't think l can go through this for much longer. Really getting me down.

JDQuinn75 in reply to donnaheads

Hey Donna, You're not being negative towards me. I know how you feel tho. Just found out this week the degenertive disc disease in also in my neck as well. There are signs of degenertive disc disease in my neck. So needless to say my OA is all over me now. It just started in my hands were my first signs of arthritis 4 years ago. I had my neck xray for something else and that's how I found out it was also in my neck. What am I going to do when the pain starts in my neck? This mess is going to cripple me. Jason

I also have OA with both knees replaced, fusion on my back L4L5 and is now visiting both hands with a vengeance. I suggest you visit a hand therapist sooner than later. I waited so long that my pinky on right hand has fused itself at the BIP joint, have nodules on several fingers and now two trigger fingers. I can't really say i waited. I kept telling Drs and showing them my hands. I was told it is not RA it's JUST OA. I have just started with a hand therapist that has given me hope. I now wear several different splints and do exercises. She feels she can help relieve my pain and keep my fingers moving. I also have to change the way I grasp objects. I am to pretend I have no thumbs. It has helped. Hope you can get relief. Get to a hand therapist soon.

JDQuinn75 in reply to Oma3

Oma3, with the past I say about 3 month now. I have noticed along with my hands my wrist feel weak too. It all started in my hands four years ago before I was 38 . Now I'm going on 42 this September and some days I feel like I'm over 60. Would like to find a doctor that actually wants to ease my symptoms. It'd sure be nice to find one that actually cares as well.

JDQuinn75 in reply to Oma3

Oma3, you had mentioned a ball for my hands. I just found therapy clay on ebay that pretty much serves the same purpose. I bought a couple of them to have on hand they're also microwavable as well.

Oma3 in reply to JDQuinn75

I did not mention a ball. I had tried that many many years ago. At this time, my pain was so bad I decided to see a hand therapist. I really hope you can find some relief.

hi I have Arthritis in one of my fingers, it is so painful I feel like chopping it off

but keep it warm and think summer is not to far away,

I wear a glove on that hand all the time even inside the house and in bed.

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