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Recently diagnosed

Hi following experiencing painful shoulder and neck pain recently I had an MRI scan which showed that I have bulging discs at C6 and C7 a bulging lump at the base of my neck and degenerative wear and tear/arthritis. As well as shoulder and neck pain I have slight carpal tunnel and arthritis in my right hand and wrist and lower back pain.

I have discussed medication thoroughly with my gp and at the moment I am using paracetamol or cocodamol as needed though as I work part time I try and keep the cocodamol to a minimum as it can make me sleepy. I also use a wrist brace especially when I am work because I spend five hours a day using a computer.

I do exercise daily mainly gentle yoga and I have begun low impact aerobic exercises in a bid to raise energy levels and flexibility.

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That sounds like a good plan to manage your situation. The Arthritis Action website has useful information on arthritis, and the self-management approach

They also have a phone line that people find useful. 020 3781 7120

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Thank you I several health problems to cope with so sometimes I need all the help I can get


Hi I have been suffering with dreadful shoulder pain, some pain. In right neck with some swelling, plus stabbing pain that comes and goes in my right arm and clavicle. I also have pins and needles down right arm and hand. I am currently taking gabapentin on prescription from GP. I also take co codomol with it. However the pain can still be awful, sometimes for long periods sometimes short periods. I would like o know if anybody can recommend anything I could take or do. I have lung cancer so excercise would have to be very light.


hi the only suggestion I have would be for you to see if there are any holistic therapies etc available have a word with your gp or local hospital


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