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Elevated Leukocytes!

I just got results of urine and blood work. As expected a severe UTI. Still have severe access in eye tooth and the Clindamycin I am allergic to. Also CRP is on the rise. What to do? My dentists insists on extraction or surgery via gums, still full of infection. My Rheumy called earlier today and ordered blood and urine so I did not have to go to GP again. I am concerned about the endless infections. I am also concerned about upcoming infusion. Should I do it? I get my results via my ehealth. I expect my doctor will call in the morning.

When I had last UTI I was not even aware of it but had a subsequent test which indicated I was clear. I kept ignoring the pain and burning and it would stop on its own. I may have caused myself additional damage. Despite ridiculously high markers my GP still makes me feel like a hypochondriac. I will never allow that to happen again. But I am so grateful for my Rheumy. She makes life more bareble. She is truly one of a kind.

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