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Moving to Sandbach, Cheshire - please recommend hospital(s) with good Rheumatology Team for Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment

Hi All,

My husband and I are moving from Hampshire to Sandbach in Cheshire. I've not had a particularly great experience with my current hospital since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in December 2015, aged 40. My diagnosing Rheumatologist left a month after my diagnosis, my 2nd Rheumatologist is on maternity leave and another Rheumatologist from the team had to see myself and others as extra patients and was rude, confusing and dismissive throughout the appointment. I've had a lot of frustrations, a lot of tears, a lot of anxiety and of course with RA I've had a lot of pain.

I am now rather fearful and anxious about selecting a new hospital to go to when we move later this month/early June. I am worried about ending up with another Rheumatologist who isn't patient and understanding or a Rheumy Nurse who won't listen and communicate the correct details to the consultant to ensure I get good care and treatment.

I would be very grateful of your recommendations for good/great/amazing/wonderful(!) Rheumatology teams in hospitals near to Sandbach, Cheshire. I am also prepared to travel in order to get a great Rheumatology team.

Also, what are your thoughts and experiences of the Rheumatology teams at Leighton Hospital, Countess Of Chester Hospital, Congleton War Memorial Hospital, Macclesfield District General Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital, Warrington Hospital, or hospitals in Staffordshire?

Thank you so much for your help and advice!

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Hello. I'm pauline, isn't there a website that you check out on, I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but I know a specialist told me that all consultants are registered on line on a web that you can read up about. Good wishes


Hi Pauline, thanks for your reply :) Yes I tried hunting for hospital/consultant reviews but didn't find much that was helpful for Cheshire. I was looking for opinions on rheumatology departments as a whole as it's not just a consultant who will be seeing me - you end up seeing the Rheumy nurses far more than you actually see your consultant. We've now moved and I'm seeing my new GP tomorrow so will be discussing my new rheumy referral.



I live in Chester and have been to the Countess. I've had good experiences there, but they only have two consultants and the waiting times are months when it's routine appointments. I have osteoarthritic joints, feet, knee, SI joints, and wrists, and there is very little they can do. My last appointment I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told he could give me steroid injections but it wouldn't be worth it because they wouldn't last and then he signed me off the rheumatology team. I think they are extremely busy with so many patients to be honest. I've considered going private myself. Here's hoping you manage to find yourself a good team to look after you x


Hi, thanks for your reply and kind words! On the NRAS forum I had many recommendations for the Countess actually so was thinking of trying there rather than my closest hospital. It's a really hard decision though :( as I've had such a bad time as my previous hospital I'm so nervous about having more issues. I hope you get some relief soon! X

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Hi again wishing you well I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, im usnsure Leighton is tops, others know better, expecT you go to Ashfields, may I ask who you see, are you pleased with response?


I've only just moved here so haven't seen a GP yet. So, sorry, I can't give you any feedback.


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