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Hello everyone. For anyone who has read my posts you will know that I have followed a plant-based diet to enable my recovery. Last weekend I was invited to speak at the Oxford Vegan Festival on the subject. Since no video recording was done I have tried to capture it on my computer with a voice-over. If you are interested it is on youtube

If that's not enough and you want an in-depth hour long interview then you can while away the day with

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Andy, thank you so much for sharing your story!! It must have been tough to do that (understatement) I've just played your video for my hubby who started with RA in an aggressive fashion Xmas 2015 at the age of 60!! Taking him from "hero to "zero" physically and often mentally. It's really inspired Kev to take more control of his RA. In fairness it's nothing I haven't suggested many a time, but hearing your story has given him food for thought. Can I ask one question plse? Do you still take methotrexate for your RA? In conjunction with all your life changes? You're one brave man Andy. Kind regards, Sue ........

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Hi Sue, I am coming down of my last drug - MTX and hope clear of it in my system by September. Then I will know more. One thing that is interesting is that as I am dropping (1 tab per month, double-checking with monthly blood tests) and as I do that my body is feeling naturally healthier.

I don't know Kev's situation of course, but to do what I did needs motivation. It takes determination and focus. It takes resilience to really understand that what you are doing is right for your body. That's why I have just spent an hour watching a video on PsA, because that rounds out my knowledge. One thing I learnt, for example, is that doctors / rheumies will expect a re-presentation of my illness, on average within 2.5 years from coming off my last drug.

Well I intend to prove them wrong. That will of course take over two years. Essentially every year after that will prove them even more wrong.

I know that genetically my body has a predisposition to arthritis, otherwise I don't think I would have developed it. But my feeling right now is that 100% cause of it flaring in my body is diet related. I would go so far as to say had I never eaten / drunk dairy (cows milk & cheese particularly) my risk of ever developing arthritis would have 90% less.

PS cows milk today is simply not what it was years ago. Now it is pasteurised an homogenised, which means that the dairy industry can allow a lot more non-milk ingredients (to put it in a very politically correct way) to come through the food chain into our stomachs. I had better stop before I go off on a real rant on the ills of the dairy industry.

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Again Andy, thank you for taking the time to reply to me. Kev feels he has nothing to lose by radically altering his lifestyle and maybe all to gain!! Every time we go to his rheumatology appt we come away with increased meds. This time the additional prescribed drug has had a reverse effect on his symptoms and he looks quite ill, lost weight etc etc etc ..............We have set a date to commence after our next rheumatology appt and see what his blood tests reveal this time! Kind regards, do take care, and good luck, Sue ...............

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