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hip and knee replacements


hi everyone I know that I need a hip and 2 knees replaced what I don't know is what order to have them in can they do a hip and knee together and if they can as anyone had this done many thanks x

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I have never heard of having two areas done at the same time. I would imagine there would not be enough space for two sets of surgery to happen simultaneously. I hear the hip is the smaller of the two jobs so I guess the decision is do you go for the easy surgery or the slightly bigger one. Me being me I would have the knee done first and then the hip later. Good luck with your decision. I hope all your surgeries go well.

Hi Jesse

I have had a total hip and knee replacements a year apart and having the other knee done this year. In my experience and research I did before my surgeries, doing both at the same time is way too much trauma on your body (I did inquire). My orthopedic surgeon did my hip first because if they did the knee first my hip wouldn't be strong enough to withstand the intense physio. I hope this info helps and good luck with your surgeries and be patient as it takes a long time to heal.

I know when I had my knee replacement 1- years ago privately as not old enough apparently for NHS same consultant though there was another lady who had both knees done at the same time by a different consultant and within 10 weeks she was moving around like a youngster I still don't do that 11 years later. Desperately need mind doing so much pain and so little knee left and hips may have to try and demand it from my Drs to be referred then battle with the consultants. I hope all goes well with whatever you decide. Or whatever the consultants advise you xx

A friend of mine had both knees replaced at the same time. Unfortunately she developed pressure sores on her heels, she didn't realise because of the amount of pain killers she was on. 12 years later she still has problems with all her tendons .If you have both done together be vigilant. I had one knee done,9 months later I had my hips done 2 weeks apart. 15 months later I had my second knee done. That was 13 years ago. Good luck

An orthopaedic surgeon gave me some very good advice about this situation.

Together decide which joint is the worst one; have that one replaced and see how things go.

I had my left hip done in May 2013 and after some time the others ALL improved mainly because I was then walking properly.

Best wishes for your forthcoming ops.

I had both knees done together in arthroscopies and that experience really put me off as you don't have a "good leg" to help when you walk or even turn over in bed.

I had one tkr about 15 years ago and the hip done on the other side about 10 years ago. Strangely enough the hip op improved my knee pain for several years, the surgeon said most of it had been referred pain. I had the second knee replaced but it has never been as good as the first one, which is still going strong. Perhaps as the years have gone on I haven't healed as well as in my younger days.

I can say the hip op is the easier of the two and I was on my feet and walking much sooner.


Hi everyone I'm new here but not without arthriis and have suffered for along time. I have had foot surgery on my right foot. Triple fusion. Firstly I had my subtalar joint fussed two year ago and then last september the Talonavicular and cuboid fusion . It's been a long journey for recovery and has taken it's toll on me and my family. Who has supported me but I have felt guilty at times for my family doing all the house work, cooking and cleaning. I push myself to do things and i'm getting there but it's hard when your family need you to be their Mum. Mentally i'm there for them and have helped with school work and exams, computer. it's hard for me as I was very active before, and the kind of Mum who went swimming, cycling and walking. Iv'e had to change my whole out look on life for me, i,m getting over the stares and looks you get from people as I have had to progress from wheelchair cutches and now stick. I'm doing the best I can.

My dad has recently had a hip replacement and they couldn't do both of his hips at the same time so i'm unsure about that.


I wouldn't advise having them done at the same time and I doubt you will find a surgeon who would do it,the hip i would say are pretty easy compared to the knee I had my first knee replacement done at 21 had it revised once and the other knee done 4 years ago they are a big operation (revision is bigger)so would say it's up to the individual which they want to get out of the way first hope this helps a bit😀

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