Arthritis Action

Walk in showers

I have arthritis, and fibromyalgia to mention a few of my ailments. I recently has a knee replacement and a rotator cuff operation (thats the boney part of the shoulder area) its pretty painful. I also have a back injury and have pretty bad pain if I have to walk any great distance. I recently requested a walk in shower when I was planning a few days away.

When I made my request for a walk in shower I was at the back of the hotel beside the staff area so it was really noisy, and smokey as the staff congregated outside our window to have their smoke break which was not ideal. We were moved but repacking and all the hassle is just not great for someone in chronic pain constantly.

My more recent request for a walk in shower resulted in me also being at the furthest point from Reception and at the back of the hotel. I had to get a lift and walk down many corridors up a flight of stairs and eventually came to the designated room. I wonder is this the norm when you make this kind of an enquiry has anybody else found this a problem.


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