Siatica nerve

Had my appointment with my GP this afternoon. I told him about the pain I'm having down my right side including through my right buttocks cheek. It's been pretty painful. He gave me a few options to help this, try to treat it first with meds for a month to see if it helps , my other options were physical therapy or a cortisone shot in my spine. I'm trying the meds first time see if it helps if it doesn't I'll do physical therapy. Not to crazy about the idea of having a needle stuck in my spine. What if something goes wrong afterwards. I've read that some people have experienced paralysis afterwards with in a mater of minutes. Has that happen to anyone before after having the shot? Thanks J. D. Quinn

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  • JD, the doctors will verify the proper placement, and this has been going on since 1952. I don't think you have to worry. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a shot after I return to England.

    I hope you think about getting it for the relief you deserve. Take care, Sookie

  • Sookiedee I'm trying the prescription first to see if it helps then if that doesn't he want to set me up with physical therapy. I think the reason my siaticia nerve is acting up is because of my arthritis. I didn't think to tell him about the discomfort in the upper part of my spine. I've gotta go back in September.

  • I am having an epidural injection tomorrow afternoon after trying meds, PT, accupuncture, swimming, heat, cold, etc. for the past 5 months for sciatica. I am so ready for this epidural. I had one about 6 years ago, and walked out pain free. I will let you know how it goes this time. I do hope you get some relief. They perform these epidural injections under fluoroscopy to get the exact placement.

  • I have 6 weekly appointments with a chiropractor who manages to calm the excruciating sciatica pain as well as realign a few disobedient discs and my hip.

    I was given the same choices as you from my GP, but thought I'd try a chiropractor first as it's heard great things. That was 4 years ago and I know when the 6 weeks has almost gone as the pain starts creeping back in but after 10 with my lady I'm sorted! Worth a try hunni before taking meds? Xx

  • Hi JDQuinn 75

    I have the same pain in the centre of my buttock cheek and down my thigh area. I have a coccyx injury and figured that was the reason. I went to my physical Therapy last night as I have recently had shoulder surgery and apparently I was unbalanced as I have been wearing a sling for the past month. He massaged the area and applied some pressure and amazingly I feel an improvement. If you can get a kind person to massage your buttocks and give them a squeeze it helps. Like you I would avoid the needles in the spine they would be a last resort. I hope you get it sorted soon.

  • I've suffered with sciatica for years and things got a whole lot worse two years ago.I've had two different diagnoses ,Piriformis Syndrome or Sacroilliac (excuse spelling) I've tried so many different things and have found the only thing that helps for me is doing Pilates and a series of stretching exercises at home between classes.Like you I did not fancy any injections.Waited ages for physio appointment only to be given Pilates stretches to do.Hope you get more help than I did.

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