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Elbow joint replacement....would you say yes?

I suffer from osteo arthritis in most joints ...had two partial knee replacements 6 years ago and they're great. I've had a thumb joint replacement - also great.

However, following two arthroscopies in three years and injections, I'm suffering a great deal of pain and restricted movement in my right elbow. My surgeon is now talking of doing an elbow joint replacement. The main concern I have, after doing some research reading, is that I would be unable to lift anything heavier than 3kg (that's not a lot!) nor would I be able to continue playing golf ( not sure why).

But, even more so, my main exercise is swimming....I manage to swim a mile three ir four times a week and really enjoy it. I don't want to lose that.

Are there any of you out there who can share your experiences?

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We are sorry to hear this Jillypops2 - it sounds like a difficult decision to make after a lot of pain.

Thank you for posting and all the best from us at Arthritis Action!


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