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Numb toe

Hi there has anyone experienced toe numbness with their RA. It is my 3rd one from the big toe and started by just feeling odd about 2 months ago like I had cornflakes in there.(weird I know) now the toe is totally numb. Becoming a little concerned I haven't banged or damaged it and it certainly isn't due to wearing inappropriate foot wear (if only ) Talking of footwear I have discovered sketchers memory foam shoes WOW they are amazing and look ok. Got some lovely boots. I digress. Back to the toe. Ive looked on the great all knowing web and cant find anything about this. Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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Hi yes I have a numb toe mostly know about it a night also yes Skechers are great such a shame they don't make a court shoe X


HI Tillie Mine is all the time. Im off to see the nurse tomorrow so will mention it I never know whether things are to do with my RA or getting older. OOO skechers court shoes that would be good I miss high heels soooo much xxxx


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