Arthritis Action

1st hot hol in years which resulted in prickly heat rash on day 2 but so bad now need steroid treatment...typical another 3 meds!

Well after just 2 days prickly heat rash became so inflamed visited local pharmacy and recommended what I had already started - antihistamine and lots of aloe vera and of course cover for another 5 days did this but no improvement and rash 2hrs after getting home had phone consult with surgery and then offered an appt. half an hour later....Unreal....Took urine sample which was clear and G.P. reckons with heat and humidity and prescribed drugs, legs have severe inflammation so on 3 days steroid treatment etc Sooo tired and fed up...legs front and back look disgusting. So disappointed I had to keep out of swimming pool especially when it was just the exercise I needed and all the expense on going away to return home with 'another problem..'just needed to rant a bit on here ....Thanks!.


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