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Hello from Balletmum

Hi All, I'm new to this forum . Suffered from joint pain for many years , blood work normal but after a prolonged bout of feeling very unwell with fatigue and joint pain and rash have still normal blood work but positive AnA . Due to see consultant in September .

Have just had a time in hospital with pleurisy and severe asthma( first time for big attack ) . On steroids now to my delight the joint pain is going and so is the swelling in hands and feet (X-rays showed wear and tear arthritis ) .

I'm 45 ,and in England .

Not sure what the consultant will make of the steroids helping joint pain but I'm very unsure as to what they may say .My question is should I tell him that the steroids helped the joints as well as the lungs? Or will they dismiss it ?

Kind regards ,

Becky .

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Hi Becky,

They seem to use steroids for both osteoarthritis and lung problems. I have had a steroid injection in my hip, and my husband who suffered from COPD was on and off steroids for many years. They always helped him a lot when he had chest infections. Unfortunately the injection in my hip didn't help and I'm having a hip replacement in October. I wish you well, Becky. Good luck. x

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Welcome to the group Becky! We are sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time and experiencing pain. We hope this platform here offers some information and you find the support of the HU community helpful.

For more information on arthritis, about our self-management approach to managing your pain, local upcoming events, recipes and more information about our Membership, you can have a look at our website:

All the best,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer


Thank you, to my surprise I've been diagnosed with RA and MCTD .

I'm on steroids and methotrexate ( injections ) . Been a roller coaster but I am getting there .

The only odd thing , is that my knees have flared badly, with swelling , so much so they've put me on steriods at a higher dose . I'm 4 weeks in to the methotrexate so that's why I've been given steroids . The wrists, fingers, feet and ankles are settling , so I'm puzzled as to why my knees have erupted . Weight bearing is hard - I have not injured my knees . Could this beRA in the knees now ?


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