Just wondering if any of you have experiences with a Chiropractor?

I've been in terrible pain the majority of this year and walking is extremely difficult.

I had a hip xray in July and my doctor diagnosed early O.A but said it shouldn't be causing me this much pain at this stage.

I am having a free spinal check with a Chiropractor on Tuesday and they will be able to tell me if they can help.

I'm keen to hear any experiences you may have.

Thankyou in advance xx


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6 Replies

  • Yep I had one. She was great. I had a bad flare up and was moving like a robot and ached alot. Took a few months of going every two weeks or so but it has never been that bad since. Give it a go you have nothing to lose

  • I saw a McTimoney chiropractor on-and-off for years. The McTs are the ones who use gentler adjustments and don't bash you about! She was great. I felt like I was having an annual service and MOT or something. :) I started going when I slipped a disc, and the GP told me I'd be out of action for 2-3 months. It was 2.5 weeks.

    There are some dodgy and inexperienced ones out there though; make sure the one you see is qualified and registered with the British Chiropractors Association.

  • I had a very good experience with a gentle chiro until she was honest enough to say she couldn't help me anymore. Don't listen to the doctor saying that you shouldn't be in so much pain, this chiropractor told me that their is no telling the amount of pain experienced from the degree of degeneration. She said she'd had an old may with a spine in similar condition to mine who had very little pain. Its not much comfort ( the why me question) but your pain is what you experience. Never mind what it"should" be.


  • No but a great Osteopath who usually sorts me out. I've had a disk come out in my neck and the hospital said sorry nothing to do just have to get used to loss of motor function in left hand. But good old Roy said we'll see about that and it took a while but eventually use returned although not as before. I'd give anything a go if it helps its great if not nothing lost. Roy is expensive and I think I paid for his trip to Nepal but so worth it. He's sorted hip, knee, spine, neck , elbow and left foot so far. He also sees my GP who I bumped into coming out as he was going in. Should be on the nhs as it might save a bit on pain killers for a lot of us.

  • The chiropractor was brilliant, a lovely lady very helpful and honest.

    She can defiantly help me so I've got my proper assessment appointment booked for 3 weeks time 😊

  • Hello veganista

    I am what i consider just past middle age at 53, I was diagnosed with early oa in my hips and it seemed to get worse every two months,, now its end stage and ive got to have surgery,, im terrified honest,, but i have physio and aqua therapy for the second tim e,, try swimming that may losen you up a bit,,and its good for your muscles .



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