Hi is there anyone around the Riverside in Bath who would like to meet and talk about their pain of Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis or just want to talk with someone who has something in common, leading to possible friendship..I have lived with both these things also a twisted pelvis, lumbage and other things since 1999 and may be able to help, feeling lonely or sad and need to talk with another women who knows how you feel...have a great day...Tia

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  • I'm a guy, I'm obviously a preacher, happily married, I live many miles away (in the good ole USA), but I still be a friend. Just wanted to let you know many of us are out there. I know we can't meet face to face, but as we all journey along I'm sure we can still be friendly and help one another.

    My only desire is to encourage folks as we all move along in this life.

    Blessings and Keep Looking Up!!!


  • Hello Tiarmarie,

    What a good idea! We are in the process of setting up local groups for people with Arthritis, so perhaps you'd like to have a look at our site with the available groups and if we don't cover your area, perhaps you'd be interested to set one up with us? Have a look at our page: and if interested, do give us a call on 020 3781 7120 - or email us at

    All the best and we do hope you find support in this online community here as well.


    Arthritis Action Communciations Officer

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