I got Osteoarthritis in my neck, hips, knees, feet, hands, I've had this years and getting no better, Now on top of all this I have now got carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and trigger finger in my right thumb, On top of all that iv now got tennis elbow and tremors in both hands and going through the change Does this ever end, who else has a lot of problems,

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  • BOB4 I know how you feel! This morning I went to see my GP complaining of tiredness and suggested it was because I am in constant pain with my osteoarthritis. What happened? She was very concerned that I looked so pale, ordered blood tests and because she thought my face looked a bit 'different' said I have to see a neurologist! I knew my day wasn't going to be a good one when I got a bus to the health centre and as I got off (slowly with a walking stick) the driver shut me in the doors!!! I am really trying to keep my sense of humour and have no idea why my p.c. is underlining all this in red!! Uuurrrgggghhhh.

  • You may not have carpel tunnel. I was diagnosed as having this, however after having the operation I was in formed it was Arthritis. Now I have regular steroids injection. Without this I'm left with very stiff and painful joint.

  • Had carpel tunnel op 6 months ago, now have OA flair in both thumbs, yes the chronic fatigue as well, I am now questioning the thinking of the "experts".

  • Me, lots of things, it's hard to keep happy xx

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