Home remedy for knee OA

I feel I have to share this with you all as I am grateful my niece bought me a physical therapy kit for my knee pain and so far it has worked wonders. I always struggled in out-patient clinics because I never had the same person twice and always felt very rushed. It didn't work for me. This pack however, I showed to my current therapist and she said it would be very beneficial for me. It's quite simple but really does help. The website is called sohealth.co.uk and it was a knee OA kit. I have now purchased the hand one too!

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  • I can't find that website at all Barb. Could you double check it for me please. :)

  • sohealth.co.uk

    I became curious too... Did a bit of browsing and found the above link. Hope it helps you - the kits seemed quite expensive and you may well have some of the equipment already.

  • I can't find it either.

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