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Waiting on a Plumber!

Just having a rant..had emergency with kitchen drain blocked yesterday and phoned emergency helpline with Housing association-supposed to get urgent call back as listed as mobility impaired...didn't happen..was asked to turn off water...well, I'm unable to physically but fortunately had loads of freebie newspapers for recycling I could throw down on floor....makes me feel so frustrated that I can't bend and do things for myself...have had no sleep and was contacted at 08:40 last night informing me that she would investigate this morning why I had not received any tired....makes you feel very vulnerable and low when you are on your own......pity post over!

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Hi Creakybea,

I totally understand and feel for you. Do hope you got sorted out. No worries venting here, it's at times like that, you really need to let off steam! Sometimes it's the everyday little and large things that stop us in our tracks, that others take for granted.

Stay well.

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Hi cyprusmum, now its sorted ...but has left me feeling anxious about the next time and am thinking of transferring to a retirement home so would have onsite support and assistance if these emergencies happen...a lot to think about as I value my independence and quite like where I live but also cannot manage the garden anymore.....

I hope you are having a good day! 


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