Hi everyone

I am a newbie on this particular forum ( already on Thyroid Health forum)

I have just been diagnosed with Spondylosis of the neck and it is quite severe in parts so my consultant says( it took the medical profession 2yrs to figure it out)

I started with chronic migraines and then the horrendous neck pain that comes and goes, my consultant says the headaches are caused by the Spondylosis, i have had Botox treatment for the headaches which have helped greatly, i was also told that it would help with the neck pain but up to now it has not.

I got hold of some Capsaicin cream and have been using that so am hoping that might help.

I am self employed as a cleaner so my job definitely does not help but i am not in a position to give it up,

any advice on diet or anything else that helps with this condition would be great.

Thanks so much

Dotti x

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  • Hi As someone with 50 years experience of Ankolosing spondylitis a totally fused neck is something you need to TRY to avoid at all costs, so try to keep some movement however painfully. I don't take drugs but find a very soft and not too deep neck collar on first getting up and if experiencing headaches really helps and have being so for many years, good luck!

  • Hello Lotti, I had exactly the same problem and regretfully I have to say nothing relieved it - physio, medication, heat, cold - until I had a bone fusion in my neck. Over the years I have bought just about every kind of pillow on the market, finally deciding memory foam suits my neck the best. My surgeon's advice was NEVER to use more than one pillow. Sorry I can't be a bit more optimistic. Good luck.


  • Thanks for your replies,did a bone fusion help?

    Will try using one pillow as i use two.


  • Yes it was a success. I now never wake up with that awful pain across the neck, which spread to the shoulder. It was a miracle cure for me but if you are thinking of going down that road, be warned that for six weeks after the op, I was not allowed on any form of transport - cars, trains, buses, nothing. This was in case my neck was jerked. So plan your life accordingly if possible !


  • It would be a last resort but thank you so much for the advice


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