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Sore Feet

Now that the cool temps have come back for the fall and winter months Mr aurther has decided to act up in my feet. I went through this last winter before I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis June of this year. These past two days have been painful. Today my joints in my toes hurt too. It hurts to bend them right now even just a little. This is making my work day seem very long hurting like this. I couldn't get home fast enough today to get my shoes and socks off. I think this is the beginning of a painful winter ahead. But I sure hope that I'm wrong. My shoulders, Knees, elbows hip and lower back has been bother me lately as well . Pain meds don't seem to do to much to ease up my symptoms. I've alredy tried four diffrent pain meds. and neither one did a whole lot to make me comfortable enough.

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Hi I hope not. Moving to warmer climes is out if the question so heater in car on full blast and hot wheat bags at the ready


Rileytra, Moving to a warmer area , I've actually heard from others as well. Maybe that's what I need to do. I have a friend that just recently moved further south do to having problems with there fibro. Last I heard since there move they haven't had much problems what so ever and is no longer on pain meds either. Maybe that's what I need to do as well. Because my osteo is acting up quite a bit right now due to the cooler temps .


Hi, JDQuinn75 - it's probably no help as you sound as if you could possibly be in America but I've got bad osteo-arthritis in my feet and find the 12 hour Voltaren Gel, (Diclofenac,) helps quite a bit, along with an anti-inflammatory drug called Celecoxib, (Celebrex.) I don't know if you can get either thing where you live. Soaking my feet in a really good, hot, long bath helps me, too! Like you say, it is the cooler months when it is more painful. Kind regards,


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