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Dog walking etc

Hi. A link brought me to this community for help to look after my dogs while I am recovering from a knee replacement. I live on my own and have 4 border collies. I am 61 years old and have seen my dad recover from 2 knee replacements but he had my mum, my sister and myself to help. I have sorted out kennels for the dogs to go in while I am in hospital and I am about to interview a dog walker to come to my house once a day to walk the dogs after this - I thought for about 3 weeks. As my dogs love to jump up on the settee with me I will possibly have to keep them in a different room to me most of the day and overnight. I am also arranging for someone to vacuum the house every 5 days and change my bed every 10 days - I thought for about 6 weeks after op. Any help will be gratefully received.

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Have you tried the website It may be a cheaper alternative.

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