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Hip replacement s

Hi everyone just a quick question my OT has jus discussed now to try and ask my doc about replacing my hips as I got osteo arthritis I'm 31 and severely in pain I've lost mobility and other joints r starting to increase in pain if I go through with it do I still get pip payment or not I'm worried bout having it done all together but she thinks its better for me to have it done now as my hips r rapidly deteriating plse help and advise me plse I'm so confused

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hi my self Ravi from India. I read your full articles, you try acupressure. I have also suffering this problem from last 20 years but i taken acupressure & raw diet (The china Study) from last 30 days i fill better approximate 70-80% pain will be removed so i request you please concerns acupressure & raw diet. you must read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.


Ravi Mehta


@ravi we already tried it and it didn't really work for me thanks anyway


I'm not sure that I quite understand your question, Aisha. Are you asking whether you'll get PIP after a hip replacement? The answer is - it depends. PIP is assessed on your functional abilities - what you can DO, rather than what your condition is. If you get PIP mobility component now, then you will continue to get it for as long as you struggle to walk - which will be at least a while after a double hip replacement. If your surgery eventually means you can walk over 200m, then you may not qualify for PIP mobility any more - but that's because you'll be able to walk pain free!


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