Physical therapies, who has benefited?

Gentle massage, stretching, articulation, body alignment and balancing techniques are all beneficial and effective for those with arthritis, keeping you more flexible and mobile with improved posture and a lessening of painful symptoms. Would physical therapy be something you would try to lessen your symptoms of arthritis? If you've already given it a go, what was your experience?

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  • Hi Georgia.

    I would definitely recommend physical therapy. It really helped me get back on my feet after a bad flare. When I was in the most pain I worked with a physio for massage and simple stretches to keep my joints moving without stressing them too much. Now I am back on my feet (if a little wobbly sometimes!) but I still see a physio, with my main focus now on balance and strengthening my muscles. So far it has really helped.


  • I'm going to physiotherapy in a few weeks for my arthritic knees and feet. What I'd like to do is learn the exercises and then practice them at home.

    Additionally will check on foot reflexology treatments. I will update later on how it goes.

  • Physiotherapy is on hold - woman called from the hospital saying the instructor has chickenpox.  I lost it with laughter - such is life....

  • I found every time I went to physical therapy it was a different person and I always found it very rushed in my local out-patient unit. My niece bought me a great hand arthitis kit from the internet and it had some great therapy aids for my keys and shopping bag as well as exercises. It really helped. They also do a knee kit that I will also get as it is great value. I found it to really helped with my pain.

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