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Proved by MRI I have osteo arthritis both hips knees other possible complications due to arthritis tennis elbow plantar faschiatis.

I have bulged discs bottom of my spine proved by MRI which surgeon refused operation on even though from time to time when sciatic nerve traps am totally incapacited as a result.

I have high blood pressure and under active thyroid conditions controlled by medications.

I take maximum dose of tramadol and Gabapentin for pain and sleep.

As a result of all the above and other life events I have now been diagnosed with anxiety and and depression for which I also take regular medication.

I have a long history stretching back to at least 2003 with lots of supporting documentation BUT I do work full-time for a charity supporting vulnerable people with mental health issues.

Recent assessment with ATOS ORIGIN and attended by self which may have been a mistake as I feel the assessor has actually lied about what I am and am not capable of and has taken absolutely no account of periods of sick I have had to take from time to time over the last 10 years which may last up to 5 weeks where I am unable to speak to anyone feed self get out of bed just totally run down and depressed I guess.

Combination of all of the above I am in constant pain (pain relief ineffective) most of the time tired really difficult to bend down,which I evidenced in the assessment but the assessor just lied and said I could bend down without any difficulty. difficult in sleeping because I cannot lay on one side or the other.

I scored absolutely no points on the assessment and as result DWP have turned me down.

I sent a 3 page letter to the DWP to explain my difficulties particularly when things are at there worst. NO REVERSAL OF THEIR DECISION.

I am wondering whether to take to a tribunal please can anyone provide any assistance or advice as to what I should do and whether it is worth a go??

Best wishes


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Have you tried The Citizens Advice Bureaux? They have information on challenging a benefit decision here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Membership Administrator @ Arthritis Action


Hi To All

To everyone who has provided information tried to help and in effect walked alongside me.

I had intended to reply to each one of you to thank you individually but I am realising that the way things are I would probably struggle to do that right now.

It's one of those isn't it this one? One which only I can decide?

Do I challenge the DWP and ATOS and take my case to a tribunal?

Is there any chance of winning when I actually work?

Do I put myself through that extra stress which as has been mentioned.

I need the Disability Rights Handbook but unfortunately I would only be able to read at my local library as cannot afford latest copy. Would it matter if I used edition 37/38/39 or would 38 suffice for a current PIP claim??

(???????????????symbolises my head right now)

I have to say that I never really realised the power of the internet & social media until I joined this site and if nothing else and I don't get the PIP well at least this has gone a long way to restoring some faith in others and the World around me.





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