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campaign for more mbu's in uk


It is only a week away that I am meeting my local MP.

If anyone has any good ideas I would be grateful for any feedback.

Best Wishes Poulson

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Hi everyone

Just found an online form where individuals can sign up to go along to Clinical Reference Groups which will inform specialised commissioning (NB this is where MBU decisions will sit rather than under GP-led commissioning)


In the drop-down menu you need to choose 'perinatal mental health services'

Good luck! I've signed up to represent APP...

Thanks Naomi, I've signed up too.


Hi Poulson. I'm sure you'll have had other feedback, but can you suggest to your MP that they campaign with the new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) coming in? I also think that aside from more MBUs the general or "normal" pregnancy and delivery services and support need more info and training. For example, the hospital where a woman gives birth should be informed of the illness and know how to recognise it and also be more joined up in the way they link with specialist perinatal services. But I do think more MBUs is a massive thing. In my own personal experience, the hospital I went to was short_staffed and I had to be transferred by ambulance to another hospital for an emergency c-section then was sent home less than 48hrs later. Luckily my community midwife spotted the signs and I have fantastic GP who recognised my illness and I was sectioned... But to the same short staffed hospital! That was a general ward and they couldn't handle me so I went to a specialist hospital then onto their MBU. They were fantastic, but the MBU has closed due to "health & safety" whatever that means. Aswell as more MBUs (nearest is now 60+ miles) I think more joined up services could really help women and their families at an awful time. I hope your meeting goes well, keep us posted.

and Naomi, I'll have a look at that link.


I've signed up for "individual", Yorkshire & Humber. Can you do more than one area? The North East one is also close to me.

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Not sure if an individual can sign up for more than one region spannerb - you might end up having a million meetings to go to!

Specialist perinatal mental health services which can support women antenatally and up to the first postnatal year will also come under Specialised Commissioning, so talking about the type of liaison you mention with maternity wards etc will be relevant at these meetings as well as MBU provision.

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Good point, I know how meetings can get busy, as I work in the area of adult social care, so there's some health overlap often (tho not pp related). I'll let you know if I hear more.

Hi there

That is really useful advice.

I will definitely let you know how I go on

Best Wshes Poulson


I have written all my notes for the MP

I am all prepared for my meeting on Friday.

I will keep you all posted.

Best wishes Poulson


Be thinking of you on Friday Poulson :)

Thanks a lot.

I will let you all know how the meeting goes

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