Going into a mbu

I've been offered a bed in a mbu someone is being discharged Wednesday so I think the plan is an advocate is taking me Thursday morning. Wasn't going to post this until I was there but thought you lovely ladies might like to know. Gp is coming to see me Wednesday aswell before I leave Thursday for God knows how long for until I'm back. I'm ok about going I know a mbu is best. I might not post as much ect for a while. Much love Stacey x

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  • Hi Staceypx

    It was really good to hear that you've been offered a space... not long now to wait but that's such good news!

    I'm glad you feel ok about it, it will be a really good place for you, and will help you bond with your baby.

    Thinking of you lots, write here whenever you want to, even from the unit if you're able x

  • Yeah will do I've been told I am still allowed my phone so will keep popping on here x

  • That's really good news. Which one you going to?

    They are the best place to give you the support you need and also still be with your baby.

    I have been thinking about your posts, take care x

  • Hello Stacey

    Thanks for letting us know .... really pleased for you. It will be good for you to have space for yourself to recover and cope with your baby.

    Sending you a virtual hug ....... keep in touch when you feel like it.

  • Great news Stacey, best of luck for your time in MBU and your recovery. There was a decent post on here about what to pack for an MBU - might be worth a look? X

  • Well done for getting the place. I hope they are able to help you x

  • Great news Stacey. I hope you're soon settled and wish you all the best for your stay xx

  • Hello Stacey

    I hope your GP visit goes well today and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Don't forget to pack your phone charger!

    Take very good care of yourself ....... xx

  • Hi Staceypx

    I've been thinking of you today and hope your admission to mbu has been OK. X

  • Hiya..Sorry for late reply I wanted to settle in the mbu for a few days first before coming on here. I didn't forget my charger they have it. I am doing OK keep hearing voices a lot but I am safe here and with my daughter so a long road to recovery hopefully. Will keep popping back on here. Hope you lovely lady's are ok x

  • Hello Stacey,

    Good to hear from you ...... I'm glad you are settling in and safe with your daughter. It's a great place for specialist care to help you, especially with the voices, so you should be very proud that you accepted help.

    I don't have any experience of MBU care but I'm sure the nursing staff are friendly and supportive. Take your time and take it easy.

    We are all here when you have time to chat.

  • Hi Staceypx

    It's lovely to hear from you and to hear that you are safe with your daughter in the mbu. It's so important not to be separated.

    I hope you are starting to build some good relationship with the staff .

    And like you said you're on the road to getting better.

    Take care and write whenever you want xx

  • Hello Stacey

    Hope you are ok ..... thinking of you.

    Take care x

  • Hello Staceypx

    Just wondering if you're ok ........ have you settled in now? Perhaps you have been able to walk in the grounds of the MBU if the weather has been sunny where you are.

    We are all thinking of you. Take care ... you're in a good safe place now.

  • Hi lillybeth no I really don't like this heat x

  • Hello again staceypx, I have just written on your other thread, but hope that the heat has been a little more bearable for you today, there have been some showers here which cleared the air a little. Take care, rest up and we are here to chat if you need it, xx

  • Hello Staceypx

    Thank you so much ..... those few words mean a lot. The heat gets to me too ... I'd rather be indoors as there's no breeze! I think it takes time to get used to your surroundings but I hope you are settled and feel safe.

    Take good care of yourself ....... xx

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