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Update on 2nd pregnancy

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Hi everyone, just an update. Our little girl, Sienna, arrived a week ago today, all good so far other than a little anxiety and a bit teary on day 4, which I've been supported with by the perrinatal mental health team. Im making sure u get lots of sleep, so went on to bottle feeding after 2 days as breast wasn't working well, I'm also going for walks and having me time along with asking for help from hubby if I need it. It's so nice to be able to experience this again minus the racing and delusional thoughts. I was put on 2.5mg of olanzapine at 36 weeks pregnant then upped to 5mg after delivery.

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Oh that's lovely. Now you can enjoy your second baby. Congratulations.

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Hi linzi686,

What a gorgeous girl, so wide-eyed already taking it all in! Congratulations, so glad to hear you are managing some me time, the days here have been so bright and crisp it is a delight to go for walks. Xxx

Nice eyes nice story we don't often see this side of things

Wide eyes looking out

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Hi linzi686

Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl ☺️

Look after yourself and enjoy those cuddles xx

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What a lovely pic of your daughter Linzi686. Congratulations to you and your hubby. Health and happiness to you and your family. x

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Congratulations linzi686 ..... what a beautiful bundle of joy! So happy for you and your family. x

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Huge congratulations! What a beautiful alert little girl. Well done you. So lovely to hear such happy news. Take care xx


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So happy for you, linzi686. She looks gorgeous, and I'm really glad you've stayed well thus far. xx

Aww that’s so nice to hear you are remaining well second time around- congratulations she is gorgeous!! I am planning a second pregnancy after having PP in 2016 with my daughter, I have an pre-conception appointment with perinatal mental health pshychiarist to discuss medications etc. I am really scared and anxious about this but also excited. Really nice to hear positive stories of second pregnancies with mums remaining well x

A big congratulations to you on the birth of your beautiful daughter linzi686 . I hope you are keeping well! I am also on olanzapine (5mg) and I have a question for you. Do you find that 5mg of Olanzapine dulls your emotions compared to when you were on 2.5mg? I have convinced myself that I have dulled emotions but I might just be experiencing a difficult period and I might be blaming the olanzapine. Thought I'd reach out to other mums and see if they have experienced a difference between the two doses. Thank you x

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