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Having another baby after PP


Hi everyone

How long did you all wait to have another baby after having post partum psychosis?


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We waited seven years with the benefit that our two daughters get on really well and we never had to try to treat them the same. That did not, however, prevent a recurrence even though my wife was symptom free for at least six of those years.

The second occurrence was much less severe but that could be for a number of reasons, not least the quality of care as the second time my wife an daughter were admitted to a mother and baby unit.

Hiya, im sorry to hear about your wife suffering for a 2nd time. I'm just wondering was she put on and preventative medication straight after birth? I'm 30 weeks pregnant and am being put on 5mg of olanzapine after birth so hoping this helps.

Our second was born 3 years after our first. I didn’t have a relapse though I did continue to take medication throughout my pregnancy. Good luck!

Hello Chelsey,

Just to say I had PP 38 years ago after the birth of my first child. Needless to say a very distressing time. My son was born two years and three months later and fortunately had no recurrence and have not experienced any mental health problems since. It was lovely to relax and enjoy having a new baby the second time around. I remember thinking that although there would be a risk of recurrence, it would have been picked up and treated promptly. My first grandchild is on the way and I’ll be monitoring my daughter closely but hopefully all will be well. Anyway I wish you all the very best . Love Vee x

Hi chelsey

I had my daughter 4 years ago and I am currently pregnant with my second child.

I was referred for preconception counsilling and have been under the perinatal team throughout this pregnancy

How old is your child?

Hi Chelsey1991

I had pp with my first born son and I fell pregnant with my second when my son was 18 months. It was a pleasant surprise and not planned so at first I was very worried as I had been taking medication. However I continued taking one of the medications throughout which was quetiapine.

The mental health team I was under made me feel reassured that everyone around me was on board with what had happened before. I recieved alot of support from professionals and family.

I did not get pp second time round.

When I had my second child we all made sure I had plenty of rest and sleep. I even had a prescription for sleeping tablets for when baby was born. Hope this has helped.

Take care violet x

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd I waited 5 years xx


Hi Chelsey1991

There’s just over 3.5 years between my boys x

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