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Complex PTSD


Dear Ladies.

I have spoken to my CPN today to ask for a second opinion. She says that my normal psychiatrist will do the second opinion, but not to hold out too much hope as he will just look at my previous notes and admissions. I pointed out that I have copies of my medical records and they say that not everything that is written about me is true. She did not know what to say to that.

She is the one who told me not to press charges against my family, and has not been supportive at all. I am going to wait for the court case to go through and then get a second opinion from a specialist from the trauma clinic. He has already informed me that it is very unlikely that I do not have Complex PTSD. He charges £60.00 per hour.

I will keep you informed as to how I get on.

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year.

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Hi poulson

It’s good to hear your news. It sounds like seeing someone from the trauma clinic will be helpful. I really hope you can get a referral.

I hope you are feeling ok, you are coping with a lot with the court case and everything else.

Take care



Hello Poulson,

thank you for your message. I am so sorry for your struggles.

It is so important to make sure your needs are respected and pre-assumptions are kept out of the equation, especially when dealing with such sensitive issues.

I just listen to an iPod about complex PTSD and I just have been learning that this often refers to multiple traumatising encounters, quite often child hood experiences such as physical and/or emotional abuse.

Children or young adults, who have been suffering continuously often are diagnosed with complex PTSD later in life. The struggles such as anxiety, flash backs etc keep on coming back. I wonder whether it is as difficult to diagnose as it is with Bipolar?

I have been in difficult situations and I believe the only way forward is to be factual only. Therefore it is important to write a journal about encounters with health professionals and anybody else involved in a case. A diary can be used as evidence-base in court.

I do not know about your ins and outs, but I do hope so very much that you will get appropriate support from professionals who have a "know-how". Second opinions from different orgs will strengthen your decission making. I hope the trauma clinic can help!

Look after yourself,


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