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Hi! I had a first episode of PPP following my third baby in September. I have been taking olanzipine and am symptom free. I am on maternity leave but work as a Speech and Language Therapist and had to declare the episode to my regulating body. My case is now under investigation and I feel sick to my stomach! I wasn't at risk of harm to self or others even when ill and had good insight into my condition and consented to treatment. Any advice on returning to work and do you think this is just a precautionary measure being taken and I'm not going to loose my job? I love my work!

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Hi JudyBea,

Welcome to the forum, where there are lots of amazing women and families who have been affected by postpartum psychosis who can share their experiences.

I am sorry to hear you have been through PP with your third baby. It sounds like you have made great progress since being ill.

I had PP in 2015 and I had quite a bit of time off work, so my experience is a bit different. However, when I went back to work, they were very understanding and made sure they put things in place to support me. Is there anyone you can talk to about the process and find out what it might involve with the regulating body? I think it is just a process that employers have to put in place to make sure they are supporting people, especially after a period of being quite unwell. Some of the other ladies on here might have some experiences they can share with you too.

I hope it all goes ok and that you are enjoying maternity leave after everything that has happened.

Take care and do keep us updated,

Sally x


Hi JudyBea

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you suffered PP. I think you are doing really well so soon into your recovery.

I had PP many years ago and it took me much longer to recover so my job wasn't available to return to.

Try not to worry about the regulating body's involvement. I think it will be just be a formality that is followed. Do you have an Occupational Health adviser you could contact for their input? Or if you have a perinatal mental health team they might be able to advise you or signpost you to support?

Perhaps to put your mind at rest you could also contact ACAS (Advisory, Concilliation and Arbitration Service) which has a helpliine number 0300 123 1100.

I'm sure you won't lose your job .... probably they need to follow this up to make sure they have any support in place you might need when you return. Take care, we are all here for you.

Hi JudyBea, it's good that you informed your regulating body as you have complied with that duty. While they have to investigate, it doesn't mean that you will lose your job. Most regulatory investigations result in people staying in work and they sometimes decide early on that there is nothing more they need to do. It sounds like you need some more support while the investigation takes place so do speak to your occupational health or any other support you can access while the process continues (regulatory investigations can take a long time to resolve even if they decide not to do anything). Good luck and best wishes.

Hi JudyBea, have you heard anything more from your regulatory body? Please feel free to post if you need any more support.

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