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I just found out that unisom, taken long term, causes hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, anger, constantly wanting to fight, rapid mood changes, memory loss and more. I was just curious how many of you that had been on unisom long term through your pregnancy and had been diagnosed with psychosis?

Brief story of my journey.

Just curious, how many of you had been told to take unisom throughout your pregnancy? My husband said I became a very different person ever since the pregnancy (obviously changes are going to happen). Well I was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis 7 months after I gave birth. I definitely was experiencing things 2 days after the birth. At first it started as I thought an elderly couple had been sent to watch my daughter (as she was flown by helicopter and in the NICU for 2 months). Things were still fine. I stopped taking unisom for 2 months while I breast fed. Then I started taking it again and a month later I thought a dead woman thought she'd be a better mother than me. I'd always see her hanging over my daughter. It still didn't scare me. It just made me feel like a horrible parent. (My daughter has a lot of medical issues and I felt like I was failing her). After 2 more months of taking it I thought my friend that killed themselves was hanging over my bed with a demon attached to him. Scared me but I still was okay. After 4 more months of taking unisom, I then thought that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about my nightmares. That if I did the demons would torture me till I killed myself. And that I was not allowed to touch my daughter. I then went on meds to cure my psychosis. I finally was doing better. I had stopped taking unisom for a few months because the meds I was on made me sleepy. When I stopped taking them I started taking unisom again because it really helps me sleep. All my doctors know I take it and my therapist and med doctor knows I still take it. Well now I feel like i did when i had psychosis.

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Dear Mamadubois22,

I am sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time. I am afraid I do not have any experience with Unisom during pregnancy or beyond, but maybe some other ladies on the forum have.

The actual causes of postpartum psychosis are difficult to determine sometimes. However, evidence suggests that hormonal changes related to childbirth and sleep disruption play a big part. I do not have a medical background, so I cannot say whether some medications have links with psychosis or not. Have you spoken to your GP or medical team about this and the long term use of Unisom?

You say you are feeling like you did when you had psychosis. I am sorry you are feeling this way and it must be quite scary. Have you been able to speak to anyone about this?

I hope you are ok and we are here if you need anything,

Sally x

Yes. Thank you. They are putting me on another anti psychotic med for it thankfully


Hi Mamadubois22, I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling this way - like Sally_2015 I too don't have experience of Unisom I'm afraid, but I did have PP when my eldest was born, almost 10 years ago now. I too remember the fear and hallucinations, being unable to sleep at night and can imagine that taking something that would help with this. I would really encourage you to speak to your mental health team about your fears and perhaps they would review your medication and see if something can help with this.

Take care and we are here to listen, thinking of you, xx

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