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Lithium or lamictal? SSRI?


I’m in lamictal but I’m still feeling extremely anxious. I have OCD. Any thoughts on drugs to help?

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Hi Hmcw

I'm sorry you are still feeling extremely anxious. OCD must be very hard to manage. I wondered if the film on YouTube "OCD Treatment : Understanding Intrusive Thoughts" by CBT Therapist Katie d'Ath might be helpful as it has been for some mums here?

I'm sorry I don't have any experience to share about the medications you mentioned. There is a website at which might be helpful. Lamictal is the brand name of Lamotrigine so if you type in 'Lamotrigine' into the medication box shown on the page you will find information there. There is also information about Lithium too.

I'm not sure if I mentioned Postpartum Support International in another thread but they might have support locally for you at If you go to the page and click on "Get Help" you can then scroll down to "Postpartum Psychosis Help" and click on "Find local support and help" showing a map where you can select your State.

I hope some of this is helpful. Wrap yourself in the comfort blanket of home and take good care of yourself .... we are all here to lean on. xx

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