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Waters broke 26 weeks


I’m in hospital as waters broke yesterday (while at work!). Baby still has plenty of water and no more coming, so taking antibiotics to prevent infection, and 48 hours in hospital. Hope to go home tomorrow lunchtime, trying to keep the bun in the oven for longer. Started haloperidol yesterday, and had apologies from the mental health team for not seeing me for 13 hours when I arrived yesterday. My perinatal psychiatrist only works part time, so this unexpected event was bad timing as he is off yesterday/today - not sure when I’ll see him next.

Has anyone else experienced waters breaking early?

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Hi Jessi

Gosh I bet that was a worry, are you feeling ok? That’s good you’re being looked after and all seems ok now. Is it a case of resting once you’re back home?

Look after yourself.

Jenny x

Jessi_D in reply to Jenny_at_APP

I’ll go home tomorrow, hopefully, and then stay there for a couple of weeks. They indicated that normal activity at home is fine, and when I asked about working from home they thought it would be OK if it keeps me occupied.


Hiya arrrgghh thatt must have been scary!, In my job I have seen quite a few women loose some of their waters early, the amazing thing is that the sac can heal and the waters replenish, so drink loads of water! Hope baby stays put for a bit longer

Meridyth xx

Jessi_D in reply to Meridyth

Yes, it was scary. Upsetting I couldn’t get through to any midwife! Then couldn’t get hold of my husband. It was so embarrassing walking to the bathroom with water pouring down my legs, squelching in my shoes. Still nothing developed since, and can’t wait to go home today.

Poor thing sounds so Stressful. Hope everything turns out ok and you get home xx

I’m home now, thank goodness! I’ve an appointment to speak with my perinatal psychiatrist on Friday to see what the plan of action is now. He popped by to see me today, which was good.


Hi jessi how are you doing? How awful for you with your waters breaking at work. It’s good you’re home now. It’s great you’ve seen your perinatal psychiatrist already briefly and I hope the appointment is helpful tomorrow.

Thinking of you!



Hello Jessi_D

I hope you are feeling better at home. It's good that you have professional support around you and I hope the meeting with your perinatal psychiatrist went well. Take care.

Nothing else transpired, thank goodness.

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