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Life after pp

I am recently recovering from postpartum psychosis for the second time, I am struggling with weight gain despite things I have tried trying jeans on tonight did not help I am desperate to lose some weight before xmas

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I still have weight left on me from my second baby. I have also recovered from pp- a year ago it hit me pretty hard. I also have had an eating disorder 20 years ago. What I did was get bigger clothes and stop trying to lose weight. I've wasted 20 years not enjoying food and weighing myself on the scale and I don't want to waste twenty more years. I'm 35 with two kids and no one cares if my pants are tight or bigger. I decided after post partum psychosis that I had bigger problems than weight gain. It's not good to stress your mind out more than you have to when you are recovering. It's also good to set an example to your children - mine are girls/ that you are ok with your body. That being said, its also good to eat healthy and exercise - good example for the kids, good for your brain- exercise releases stress, omega fatty acids are great for brain health and were recommended by my psychiatrist. It's also good for the family if you cook healthy and exercise together. With my baby I use a jogging stroller. It's great to get outdoors. By doing this, you can keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.


I'm sorry you've struggled with this illness but pleased you're recovering. Xmas puts pressure on many to lose weight however the most effective way is to start a healthy eating/exercise programme. Losing it slowly whilst doing this will ensure the weight stays off plus the benefits of exercise will help you're recovery hugely, you'll get fitter and tone up more.

Is there a gym near you? Or group?is there any exercise you enjoy or fancy trying? I started running which is hated in the past and felt so motivated as it was something I felt I could never do. The NHS couch2 5k is great!


Hi LKelly,

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling negative about your weight. I've also experienced some weight gain on olanzapine lately and I think that I'm trying to tell myself that this is only for a season and when I'm off medication in future I can address weight if need be. It's easy to be very hard on yourself but we've been through so much.

I'm trying to exercise more than I naturally feel inclined to... thinking whether it affects weight or not doesn't matter it'll be good for my overall health. I totally recommend park run by the way if you're in the UK and at all interested in running. It's a timed 5k run in parks nationwide.



Hi Lkelly88,

I'm sorry to read that you are struggling. I also had weight gain after experiencing post partum psychosis 4 years ago. I also tend to yoyo with weight anyway and the time leading up to Christmas isn't easy with so many parties and buffets etc. I just can't resist the mince pies... I have such a sweet tooth and always have done, but being on Olanzapine for a year was not forgiving to me.

But don't forget - you've had a baby! That's incredible! Be kind to your body and yourself :)

It took me a while to do it, but when I 'gave in' to the reality of my size and got some better fitting jeans it made me feel so much better about it. Perhaps it isn't the end of the world if you get a new pair from Primark and try again after Christmas? You could pick up some red lipstick and a new necklace and people will be sure to notice that rather than what clothes (or indeed what size) you are wearing.

Wishing you all the best,

Jessie xxx


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