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New here!

Hi all!

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression last September after going to A&E with feelings of being unable to carry on and hearing voices. My Sertraline intake was upped from 50mg to 100mg but I had no other treatment.

I went back to my GP last week as my mood had crashed, I couldn't look after myself, let alone my my now 15 month old son. I began having panic attacks and hearing planes (I was convinced it was an air raid). I was referred to a Crisis Team who have now sent me back to my GP, stating it is all anxiety related and I need to increase my meds again.

Had anybody else felt like they're getting nowhere with treatment? Does any body else feel like they just need it to stop? 😔

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Hi and welcome to the board. What you are going through sounds awful. I can relate to the crash in mood and being unable to look after yourself never mind your child.

It's wrong of the crisis team not to help you, especially if you are hearing things. Can you ask your gp to rerefer you? I relate to wanting it all to stop. Xx


Hi JadeA92

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of help and shared experiences. Did you receive follow-up care from a Psychiatrist after being diagnosed? In my case medication worked well in tandem with treatment so it seems unusual that this hasn't been offered.

I had PP twice many years ago but can well remember the ups and downs to recovery. It's hard for other people to understand but at the time the things we are hearing and seeing are all very real and frightening. Is it possible that you can be referred to APP's Second Opinion Service, where Prof Ian Jones is able to offer advice regarding treatment? The doctor in charge of your care (GP or Psychiatrist) will be able to refer you, the link being Prof Jones' advice has been so helpful to some mums here regarding management of this very traumatic illness.

You must feel exhausted by all that's happened. Do you have family or friends to support you so that you can have a break, even for a short while? Can you book a double appointment with your G.P to explain how you feel and if he doesn't feel the need to refer you to the Second Opinion Service, perhaps he can suggest other interventions?

Although it doesn't seem like it for you now, PP is a temporary illness and very treatable. So with good professional care and support you will eventually recover. It took me almost two years to fully recover, regain my confidence and place. There are also Insider Guides, "Recovery after Postpartum Psychosis" and also one for partners, the link being

Take good care of yourself and try to rest as much as you can, especially when your son is sleeping. Forget the housework and make time for yourself. We are all here for you so please keep writing if it helps.

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