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need advice x

how bad could post partum have to get for a child who is now 5 to be removed and put In The care of the father as a baby and 5 half years later still under psychiatric care and still have to be supervised which only been like this a while under her mother and. It allowed to be alone with her son?? Xx

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Hi Charlotte 19p0

Firstly - huge hugs to you. I'm not sure from your post exactly what the situation is but it sounds horrendous. I'm so sorry you are still suffering like this, five years on.

What is your mental health care like? Do you have good support around you? I read your post as meaning that you lost custody of your child while they were a baby, to the father, and now you are still only allowed supervised visits five years on - is that right?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to access a mental health advocate, or perhaps even legal aid for the advice of a solicitor. But perhaps the priority is to show that you have recovered and are managing well?

Best of luck and all best wishes

Kat x


Hi Charlotte,

It sounds like you have been through such an awful time, I'm so sorry to read some of your story...

As KatG says I wondered too what your mental health support is like now? I hope you do have support?

I wanted to just send you some links that may be helpful for you. I don't know if you are in the UK, but if you are you may find it helpful to contact the Mind legal helpline:

Mind legal helpline:

I don't know if social services are involved in your case (you mentioned supervised visits) but you may find Citizens Advice can give you some good advice too:

Citizens Advice:

I know KatG mentioned a mental health advocate. This may be helpful for you too, someone who can speak up and advocate for you. Rethink offer this service, I'm not sure what the criteria is or how long the waiting list is:

I really hope that you can get the support you need, and more access to your child. Do write more here if you would like, you will find support here.



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