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No warning signs ?


I had another long appointment today and was pretty much told there's no warning signs of post Partum psychosis that it's more like a switch that you don't realize anything that's going on. I've been told the opposite from day 1 that they're are warning signs and there is no switch and that people would notice before something bad happened. I'm mortified by this thing and completely pissed off that things like this exist it is so unfair and such BS. Why should a mom and or baby lives be in jeopardy for something we don't have control over. I'm heart broken. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Michelle,

If you have been through it before, then there are definitely early warning signs to watch out for. Unfortunately I had it twice, but second time I could notice my thoughts getting faster, not needing sleep, etc etc.


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Hello Michelle0

I'm sorry you're so upset after your appointment yesterday. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had PP twice a long time ago. My husband noticed similarities to my first PP, sought help from professionals and I eventually fully recovered.

I know it must be very difficult for you but try not to worry ..... there are mums here for whom, thankfully, PP did not return.

Take care. x

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I'm really angry because for a good 3 months I wasn't having auditory hallucinations and now I'm having them almost every night doesn't make sense to me. There's nothing he Drs will do because if he pregnancy. I'm assuming I'm going to have it bad when my son comes because it's already gotten worse the past month or so.

I had no warning signs except a complete refusal to admit that my daughter was mine. As soon as she was born it was like a switch went off and I became psychotic. It was terrifying. Why are you heartbroken? This illness sucks but I hope your appointment was productive in other ways xx

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I'm heart broken because I feel like I'll never live a normal life I don't want to be alone and the Drs don't even want me to be alone. I'm just taking a few steps backwards.

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You mean like the same day your baby was born you had an episode ?

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Yes the day she was born I became psychotic, possibly started late in pregnancy but it only came to light when she was born. I'm sure you'll be ok xx

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Oh man that's really scary

Hi I did have some warning signs the first time but no one knew anything about the condition. I knew something wasn't right though. But because of the unpredictable nature of the illness, I chose to take an anti-psychotic as soon as my second child was born. It gave me peace of mind I was doing something to prevent it and take some control back. We also paid for a night nanny for a week so I could sleep and rest- expensive and worth it. I never got ill the second time. And have been fine for 6 years. So don't worry too much. There is hope x

I'm currently on seroquel 275 mg my doctor won't up it because I'm pregnant and I'm having auditory hallucinations almost every night

It IS heartbreaking, we all have something that's heartbreaking. It does feel Terribly like something has been stolen, doesn't it? My second grandchild was just born and I have noticed feelings of unfairness of what I lost at that time. However, It looks like my daughter and her hubby have everything going quite well - they got this - I am so proud of her.


Hi MichelleO

I think first time round it's hard to pick up on early signs of PP but second time round I do think it's possible.

My PP was out of the blue and we had no idea what was going on, had never heard of PP and to start with assumed the symptoms were all 'normal' for a sleep deprived new Mum. Fortunately my husband did realise something was wrong and I was in hospital when that 'switch' moment happened for me, but it was a kind of (quick) spiral downwards to that point rather than going from fine one minute to psychotic the next and in retrospect I know things weren't right well before the symptoms got to a state that my husband sought help.

When I was pregnant again I did plan and prepare for getting PP again and that included writing down all those early warning signs I could now recognise from first time round. My husband, family and health professionals all knew what to look out for and had a copy of my plan. I don't think you can necessarily rely on yourself to know you're getting ill, I think whoever gave you this information is right in that some people have no insight into their psychosis so wouldn't know it was happening, but some people do and this is where you should ideally be monitored by people who know you and have family and friends looking out for you. And it's warning signs you're looking for - for me it would have been increased anxiety, racing thoughts, pacing, insomnia...

I know you're in a different situation than I was and everyone's situation is different but hopefully those looking after you have a plan? If they won't increase or change your meds during pregnancy, are they helping you manage your symptoms and is there a plan to increase your meds as soon as the baby arrives? I was lucky and didn't have PP again but I did take a low dose of quetiapine for 6 months after Baby arrived and if I'd displayed any symptoms this could have been quickly increased to a level that had worked for me before, so hopefully any illness wouldn't have been as bad second time.

I agree, PP isn't fair and it's not something we should have to worry about during pregnancy, it's a very anxious time.

I hope you're ok, look after yourself.

J x

I'm currently on seroquel 275 mg which isn't a low dose and having more auditory hallucinations than ever have before even at my worst. Dr doesn't have any plans till my appointment after delivery which is making me angry I should have something to fill right when the baby comes out. Talking to my counselor about a different psychiatrist.


Hi MichelleO, pp is so unfair, I completely agree. And it feels like one of the most unfair things is that so little is known about the causes.

My experience came "out of the blue " after my first child and it was hard at the time for anyone to know what was going on, also due to never having heard of pp. looking back I think there were some warning signs but things got pretty bad before I got the right medical


When I had my second child, like JB55, we put plans in place, and tried to capture my previous triggers/ behaviour/ signs in a care plan which was shared widely with my team (unfortunately non-specialist perinatal). I remember thinking it couldn't/ wouldn't get as bad a second time as people WOULD know what was going on. And my husband particularly was a very strong advocate for me.

Have you come across Postpartum Support in the US? Their website is I've heard good things about them and they might be about her source of info and support for you. I hope some of this is useful to you- and that your next appointment is not so frustrating. Take care, we are all here, standing with you. Xx

My psychiatrist is saying my first appointment after baby they will see where I'm at in that moment instead of having something ready right after delivery which is stupid it makes me so angry. Trying to find a different psychiatrist. I've been having voices (non command) but loud and scary still. I've been having them every night. I'm afraid how the rest of the pregnancy will go.


Hello MichelleO,

such a lot of interesting contributions. Isn't it great to exchange our experiences and support each other? I am sorry that you have been upset with your recent appointment.

I do believe still a lot needs to be done in order to raise awareness about PPP. Most of us had not a fair ride when becoming so poorly.

At the time (2010) I could tell that I went down hill and something was seriously wrong. In addition I could sense how my partner got more and more concerned. I even asked for my mum, who was abroad and for a very mature friend & my partner's dad...

Professionals did not take my partner serious at the reflecting on what you've said, yes I believe in some cases one is very conscious that own condition is changing quite drastically...towards the end I was lost...this all happened within two weeks after birth...

Look after yourself...x

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It is nice to have someone to talk to about all of the craziness. I'm getting really paranoid because of the auditory hallucinations I've been having every night. Why would I be having them worse than ever if I'm on 275 mg of seroquel ? Even at my worse I wasn't having voices EVERY NIGHT I'm so confused

So sorry to hear that you are still having hallucinations with the Seroquel. I had a similar problem with Seroquel and switched to Geodon-the hallucinations went away right away.

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