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Menstrual cycle after PPP


Dear friends. First of all, I should say that APP network is an absolutely amazing website, especially given total lack of information on PPP. Thanks for shedding light on so many important issues associated with this severe illness. I experienced PPP couple of days after birth of my adorable son on 28 October 2016. It was completely out of the blue and was absolute shock and tragedy for me and my family. I will definitely share my full story here on APP later. I am doing pretty well and I am already off medication. What makes me anxious is that my menstrual cycle has not been restored yet. I was unable to breastfeed and this means that normally ny periods should have begun in early 2017. My psychiatrist assured me that this delay is caused by sulpirid and the cycle will be restored in a month or two (since I went off sulpurid in early June). I am afraid that this will lead to hormone fluctuation and I might experience mentall health problems again. I did not have any prior record of mental health issues before PPP and I am so afraid of any potential problems. Would appreciate your comments.

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My periods took some time to come back this is def normal after anti psychotics. If you had no problems with your menstrual cycle before there is no reason why you would now don't worry. I always had dreadful PMS which returned (irritability and low mood week before). But it was def no worse. I certainly didn't get mania/psychotic episodes. Take a multi vitamin and mineral designed for female hormone balance (e.g. By Vitabiotics) if you are worried.

Thank you sooo much Joanna! Your message helped me a lot to reduce my worries) fortunately, I did not have problems, just very painful first day, but it has nothing to do with mental health issues) thank you again.

Great :). Omega 3 fish oils taken every day helps with period pains ! X

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